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Nejla Kassandra Lane

Nejla Lane’s client reviews

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  • She has look, heart, and brains!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    I have had real bad experience with attorneys before meeting ms. lane. I had a dui probation violation and the attorney I paid good money sold me out and I end up in prison for probation violation, which was not a violation in my view. Ms. Lane was appointed to handle charges against me - it was criminal felony charges that could keep me in prison for 7 plus years. I knew I didn't commit that crime, but because I was already in prison I told Ms. Lane that I don't mind pleading guilty for something so I can get it over and done with!
    Prosecutors were telling her that I was guilty and I should plead 5 year and they will forgive the rest of the years. I was going to plead, but Ms Lane said I don't let you go before the judge and lie. The prosecutor was scaring both that if we go trial I would get the longest charge 7 plus years. Ms. Lane said we will take a chance with the jury. after 2 months back and forth, the prosecutor told her I should accept a misdemeanor for 1 year and I was going to take it but she said you are not guilty we will take a chance with the jury. then we had to go before the judge. Prosecutor said to judge taht my attorney is not allowing to plead becasue Iwas willing to take the plea deal. The judge looked at me and said Sir do you want to plead guilty to this charge and I said yes. Judge said let's hear your story. Ms lane said judge my client is not guilty but he wants to plead guilty because he is scared of sitting longer if convicted of something he ididnt' do. I will not let him stand before you and lie. I have informed him of his right and he is going against my advices. she stepped aside. Judge started asking me about the specifics of the crime and I didn't know the answers and looked at my attorney and boy did she tell me! she said you are on your won Michael. Well the judge told me "enough" I heard enough set it for trial. One month later the day of the trial, the prosecutor still scaring my attorney to accept plea just fine not time, my attorney told me she would accept it if she were me. She said you are innocent let's take our change with jury. Well that was the day of my life, prosector went before the judge and said we are dismissing the case because we can proof our burden beyond reasonable doubt. Case dismissed the day of the trial after three or so months after the charge. Ms Lane I wished I had known you before. YOu are the best nobody ever fought for me as hard as you did.

  • She fights the evil away

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Aric

    Ms. Lane was handeling my brother's DUI when I heard of her. Soon afterwards, the police was on my door for back child support pretending to be mail delivery and that is how all began. They came to my house to arrest me and as I was emptying my pocket out and giving it all to my girlfriend they grabbed it from her and going thru my wallet, IDs and lighter. They claim my lighter was stiletto and I was charged with carring a switchblade criminal misdemeanor. Before you know I was arrested had to pay bond to get out. This is when I hired Ms. Lane. I told her that I had bought that lighter for $5 at a gas station and it had a knife inside like a box cutter. Long story short, I was not going to plead for having a knife/box cuter - specially at my home when I live out in the county. Prosecutor was "dick" and wanted me to plead guilty or else... my attorney was the best thing that ever happened to me. She said my client wants a jury trial. After a long all day trial and the judge, prosecutor and the two cops giving her hell. Will all respect she contiued with inforing the jury about the 2 Amendment, that this was not a switchblade and did not appear to be ... she bpulled out a pen out of her pocket that had a knief inside .. scaring the cop that he was so dumb. I can tell how hard they made it to her and she never quit fighting for me. The Jury was out only 10 minutes - the verdict was sweet - NOT GUILTY... thanks to her I ahve no criminal record. The cops look dumb! best day of my life .. I called everybody saying how great my attorney was.... Thank you Ms.Lane!

  • Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Ms. Lane was appointed to my case and after she took over the case I have seen her fighting for me like no other. There was a mandatory 6 months jail time which she was able to reduce to 30 days and with credit served I was released immediately. Thank you Ms. Lane.