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Barry Benjamin Kreisler

Barry Kreisler’s Legal Guides

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  • Developer Turnover of Control to a New Illinois Condominium Association

    When must a developer turn over control of a new Condominium Association to Unit Owners? The developer is required to turn over control within sixty (60) days after the earlier of: the closing of the

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  • Estate Planning for Pets and Pet Owners

    Do I need to provide for my pet’s future? Your pet provides you with unconditional love and long term companionship. But in return, your pet relies upon you for everything. What will happen to your

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  • Guide for Chicago Residential Landlords as to Apartment Condition Issues

    What Chicago residential properties are covered by Chicago's Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance? All residential tenancies are covered by provisions of the Chicago Residential Landlord and Ten

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  • How Chicago Residential Landlords Should Handle Security Deposits

    Who is subject to the ordinance? Chicago’s Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (“RLTO”) has very specific requirements as to the handling of security deposits by Chicago residential landlords a

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  • Use of Evictions to Collect Assessments Due to Illinois Condominium & Town Home Associations

    Introduction Today’s severe recession is forcing many of us to make unpleasant choices as to which bills to pay. The mortgage crisis makes such decisions even harder for condominium and town home ow

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