Credit Card Garnishment

Jessica C Bentz

Case Conclusion Date:December 23, 2009

Practice Area:Bankruptcy / Chapter 7

Outcome:Debt Discharged & Garnishment Gone

Description:Client's payroll department served him with a notice regarding an old credit card debt. The creditor intended to garnish 15% of his income & he was unable to make ends meet. He had accumulated about $25,000 in credit card debt & had a credit card that was at 28% the debt was continually growing and his monthly minimums barely covered the interest. He'd never considered bankruptcy an option since he believed in paying your debt but he met with me because he didn't know where to turn. We discussed his goals, his car, his bank account, and his other assets. After realizing his best option was bankruptcy, this client filed a Chapter 7. The garnishments stopped that week. He kept his car and the assets he'd had prior to the bankruptcy. Several months later and after never having to go to court, he received a "discharge" (the legal order stating he no longer owed the debts) and began improving his credit within the year.

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