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Stephen M. Komie

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  • Civil Asset Forfeiture

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    Mr. Komie and Eric Anderson succeeded in getting my son's car back when two other lawyers told him to "walk away from the car". Mr. Komie confidently took my case when my son was arrested for multiple felonies in. His car was confiscated, along with a large amount of cash, and I felt like it would be impossible to get it back. I was on the title and loan along with my son, as well as Bank of America as the lienholder. My son continuously searched for a lawyer to take this part of the case, and to represent me in the process while another lawyer was "helping" (or so we though) with his criminal matters. Mr. Komie and Eric Anderson were calm and confident the whole time. They kept us informed of all the possible outcomes throughout the process. However, Mr. Komie made it clear that he had been successful in this type of case in the past. They were given an enormous amount of respect in the court room. Within two months the car was back in our possession without any restrictions. My son immediately fired his defense attorney and hired Mr. Komie to represent him in his criminal matters and to fight the money forfeiture. If you want a lawyer who will represent you without judging you for whatever type of situation you are in, Mr. Komie and his associates are who you should retain, especially if other lawyers have doubts about your situation. I cannot thank Mr. Komie and Eric Anderson enough for successfully handling this case. My son has his vehicle back, which is now fully in his name, and I will not have to worry about the situation any further.

  • Thank You for Hiring Eric John Anderson

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jason

    Hired attorney

    Life's Difficulties Don't Slow Eric John Anderson Down.

    He gets me out on my own recognizance, I am in from California but three hours before arrested. The first time we walked in court together as free men, he got my case dismissed. Working with the District Attorney, he was able to display our case as winnable with the fact that the officer was not present twice. Just in case, helped prepare me for all possible outcomes if we were to go to trial.

    Thank you Eric J. Anderson.

    All of this with his arm in a cast.

    I will keep my Marijuana Hand Lotion at home in California and wish to Congratulate Illinois about the upcoming Medical Cannabis availability.

  • Mr. Komie is the Best of the Best!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    I am from California and I was accused of a Felony in Chicago. Finding Mr. Komie was the best and luckiest thing that could of ever happened for me and my family. I was apparently in a lot of trouble, and not being from Chicago, it was very scary and stressful. From the first court date when I saw the amount of respect the other members of the court (Judges, States Attys, Clerks, Cops, etc) had for him when he walked in the room, I knew I was in good hands. My case was not looking so good but Mr. Komies' cool confidence and knowledge of the law set me at ease. He worked my case for every angle, looking for the right combinations of strategies to defend me from going to jail. My mother would attend my every court date and I have the up most respect for how her talked to her, listened to her questions and concerns and explained everything so she could understand and go home and sleep at night knowing her son was in the best hands possible. I LOVE him for that alone! He has a genuine interest in your case and he wins. That is what he does, he wins.

    Being from out of state travel expenses can add up. With him being the outstanding SUPER LAWYER that he is, the judge would waive my appearance when ever he requested it to alleviate my travel expenses and time I had to take off of work. His concern for my quality of life was prevalent and he constantly told me not to worry. But like all defendants, I worried but I had complete faith in him to pull through.

    The court was offering me 4 years. The State never backed down and to be honest at times my faith wavered. I was preparing for the worst and so was my family and friends. The States Atty would make horrible accusations and fight our motions, looking at me like I was a sitting duck. They way the State acted it was like I was going away forever. Mr. Komie would just smile and give me a look that told me he liked this challenge because he is a winner and we are going to win. I believed in him completely, and he believed in me so I rode his confidence coat tails, clutching on for dear life. I knew if I went to jail in Chicago for 4 years, my life was so to speak over.

    Well my friends, after 4 years of fighting my case I couldn't be happier with the results. I will never see a Chicago Jail cell and all of Mr. Komies hard work, connections, respect, strategy, care and understanding won our case and we got the conclusion we were looking for. I was not an easy client at all. I have a record from years ago that is considered 3 strikes in many states. I got accused of something that would be considered pretty much red handed. I ran from the police when they tried to arrest me. The aggravating factors were all there. The state was licking their chops like a pack of wolves. The wanted to lock me up. AND HE SAID NO WAY! Here I am writing this as a free man and can not sing the praises high enough of this man and his talented staff!

    Mary at the office is an angel and his Assistant Eric Anderson is the utmost professional and force to be reckoned with himself. He surrounds himself with the best and they are the best.

    In conclusion if you have not already called him - you must! This is the only choice for the top legal representation in the city of Chicago. 312-263-2800. Call now if you want to win!

    Mr. Komie - this is M.M, me and my family thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You saved our family! We can never thank you enough. I hope the people reading this call you and you can be their savior too!! God Bless you sir you are in my thoughts every day.

    love, M.M.

  • Could not have made a better decision

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Prior to hiring Mr. Komie I did extensive research on finding the top defense lawyers in the city. After consultations with my top choices, I made the decision to be represented by Mr. Komie.

    Considering the sensitivity of my case, I was in need of a lawyer who had scholarly insight on Illinois law. Mr. Komie and his team were confident but cautious and made sure to handle everything with care. The amount of time and effort invested in my case was evident when Mr. Komie and his team laid out all the possible options and outcomes for me. With all this said, it was not until the day of my hearing that I really experienced what all the reviews spoke to. Mr. Komie’s courtroom presence is, without doubt, powerful.

    I never imagined I would find myself in legal trouble and I pray I never do again; I was terrified and vulnerable throughout the entire process. I felt a great deal of comfort and security knowing Mr. Komie and his team were handling of my case. Mr. Komie’s accolades (among other acknowledgements, he is the recipient of the 2013 top 100 national trial lawyers in addition to being a super lawyer recipient) are well deserved. I write this testimony with complete confidence that Mr. Komie is exactly the type of defense lawyer you want on your side when you walk into the courtroom.

  • evaluation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    Mr. Komie has performed with excellencein my case in Federal Court in the Eastern District of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. I was charged with a very vague conspirancy to transport marijauna for sale. I was facing 97 to 112 months in prison and through his expierence , he was able to lower my points to 27, which made me eligible for non- mandatory sentencing. He was able to provide the Court with evidence that my arrest in Tucson, Az., in 2005 was part of the same conspirancy I was charged with in the December of 2007. Mr. Komie's knowledge of Federal law allowed him to convince the Federal Judge that I had already seved time in the Pima County, Arizona jail for the same offense. The prosecuting attorney insisted the cases were separate and tried in vane to offer the proper evidence in suppot of her motions. Mr. Komie introduced a suprise whitness , who was a Federal confidential informant, to mitigate my position. The result was 270 days of electronic monitoring followed by one year of probation. Considering that I admitted to transporting more than 1000 kilos of pot, but less than 2000 kilos of pot, I believe that Mr Komie's presentation to the Court was responsible for my more than fair sentence. If you need a superb attorney for any Court, Mr Komie and his associates are the very best.

  • To Anyone arrested in Illinois

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    A couple years ago I was arrested on state HWY 59 near Schamburg, Illinois. I was traveling alone in a car with out of state plates and was exiting the freeway onto HWY 59. I exited and came to a traffic signal. While waiting for the signal to change, all of a sudden I was surrounded by 3 state troopers, one behind me and two directly in front of me. I was approached by a state police officer and asked to get out of the car, he did not even at this time ask me for license or registration. He then preceeded to tell me that I was speeding and was being detainted in his squad car for speeding. At this time other state police and the NCNTF(north central narcatics task force) were telling me that they were going to search my car and I told them that I was not speeding and I did not feel that they had the right to search my car for speeding. At this time a NCNTF officer told me wether I like it or not they were going to get in my car. At this time I told them NO YOU MAY NOT SEARCH MY CAR!!! They said a K9 unit is on the way and you are still detained for speeding and we will wait for the K9. When the K9 arrived the officer and the K9 walked around my car a few times with no reaction from the K9 at all. Then the officer walking the K9 had a tennis ball attached on the end of his leash and started waiving it at the car and telling the K9 to get it. At this time the K9 lunged at the tennis ball and the officer's all said "did you see that that was an aggressive hit.' At this time the NCNTF officer was saying You have one more chance and before he could even finish that sentence the trunk was opened and I said I did not give you permission to do that. In the trunk they supposively discoverd around 40lbs of cannabis. At this time I was transported to 3 different jails. I was charged with a class X felony, class 1 felony and conspiracy on both of those charges. The class X carries a minimum of 6 years to a maximum of 30 years. Upon leaving the jail I visited with Mr. Komie and knew that I was in good hands. I am not from Illinois and he made me very comfortable and at home while I was here. Mr. Komie and his firm handled my case very professionally and explained everything to me as it was happening. I was always recieving copies of the motions and any other information regarding my case. After nearly 2 years my case was DISSMISSED!!!!! All charges dropped and I even got my money back from the state!!! Now that is what Im talking about and what a great experience this whole process was because of Mr. Stephen Komie! If you are ever any in need of legal services in Illinois YOU WOULD BE VERY WISE TO CALL MR. STEPHEN KOMIE. I had never experienced anything like this before and was very nervous but Mr. Komie and his firm went out of their way to make me feel like part of the family and I was always confident in Mr. Komie's work. My family and I are very grateful to have met Mr. Komie and cannot express how much appreciation we have for this man. Again words do not describe how amazing this man is. Mr. Komie I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you guys have done for me.

    Again do not hesitate to call Mr. Komie for your legal services, he will treat you with respect and always make you feel welcome at your time of discomfort.

    Much Love and Peace,

  • To any one Arrest on I 80

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Louis

    To All That Reading This May Apply To…
    STOP READING and CALL Mr. Stephen M. Komie and Associates.

    The Day before Thanksgiving, I was caught up in some legal trouble. I was a passenger in a car that was being pulled over for going “72 mph, in a 65mph zone.” We were not speeding… We were light up by the cruiser taking a Right turn into a large truck stop near Peru, Il, Bureau County. We stopped the vehicle in the parking lot between two lanes of parked cars. The Driver and I had never had tarnish on our records. The Driver had never even had a speeding ticket, and we were in an out of state vehicle with Pennsylvania plates. We were issued a written warning for speeding. And the officer then went back to his cruiser.
    Before we could start the vehicle and pull into a proper parking space, seeing as thou we were still blocking 10-15 cars in with the state troopers masquerades. That’s when it happened… The Trooper was back at the window to tell us that the K9 unit was there and to stay put while they run K9 around the car… We had no say. Then the K9 Trooper ran the dog around 2 times with not a sign, while the dogs human counterpart had more interest in the car than the K9 Dog. After that, we were ordered out of the car, so they could search our bodies… I had never been searched in my life. They searched my friend and I and found nothing of interest on either of us. They ran through the car while we were put in the back of the trooper cruisers un-cuffed, with no rights read, just told to shut the “f” up. They ripped the car through, and found a bowl in a backpack in the vehicle, and then ripped through the back in the rear trunk and located, 17 individual bags of cannabis, which they said was 19 individual pounds, the officers touched all the bags without gloves, and proceeded to remove us from vehicle and cuff us. After being brought to the station. And asked numerous questions..All to the same answer.. Of us asking for a lawyer and a phone call. Always to the same reply;” You think this is the movies… a Lawyer ha! And a Phone call…! Haaa.” It took 10 tries.. Then eventually I was giving paper to write out something good to save me from going from zero strike felon or anything to a XXX felon in a matter of their judgment… BUT THEY ARENT THE Judge… The Judge makes the final decisions. I wrote I want to talk to my lawyer and circled it.
    No one can help you after you have been caught for anything. Only you can help you. It is a scary place to be, out of state, wondering what to do. Knowing that you are in ILLINOIS where life is not as it may be at your home, where your life resides that you are trying to return. THAT IS WHY! YOU CALL THIS GUY! STEPHEN M KOMIE is your only shoot at getting anything but the key thrown away! CALL HIM!!! Stop looking for a lawyer and legal representation. He is Illinois Legal workings. He is also an amazing man. He has the power to make this complex and unknown time of your life, a navagatable area with his guidance.

    He was able to have a 7-10 year bid if convicted, turn into 400 hours community service, some fines, and of course taking care of him first. And the case was Dismissed…. Dismissed !!! Help Him Help You! Start today… CALL HIM

    1 North LaSalle Street Suite 4200 Chicago Illinois 60602
    E -mail:
    Phone: 312.263.2800

    If you are still not convinced that Mr. Stephen M Komie and associates is not going to be your legal representation, then I sure hope your opponent in court didn’t hire his firm.

    Be well… Good Luck… and Listen to this Man… he is Kind, True to his word, and well respected among the community of Illinois and the United States Courts and Boards.


    Much love and thanks,

  • Client Review

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client