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Ruth Watson’s client reviews

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  • Hurt

    1.0 star

    Posted by bwild

    I am a construction worker and was sent to Ruth Watson by CARPLS. I was injured at work while going thru the divorce , I was getting workmans comp. She told me not to pay any money to my wife for my kids. She told me not to take her calls and not see the kids unless I write it all down. I didn't think this was necessary but she said I should. My ex-wife and oldest girl noticed what I was doing and things went down hill and got bad quick. Before things were done Ruth Watson had DCFS involved saying my wife should be investigated. I did not want this I promise I never gave her permission to do this. But once it started we could not stop it. I'm at a loss on how to fix this mess. I have a new attorney now and going to trial to settle every thing. I'm angry and hurt she would do this to my family. None of us deserved this.

  • Does not encourage co-parenting

    1.0 star

    Posted by Terry

    This attorney was entrusted to handle my case. I believed Ms. Watson when she encouraged me to accuse my ex of things that weren't true. She said it was to cover myself. I didn't find out things I needed to know that would've shortened my case tremendously until after the fact. Instead she continued to bring up issues that weren't really there. Later after I still owe her money I figured out it was to milk more money out of the case. My ex and I could have had a more amicable split. We could co-parent better but Ms. Watson discouraged it. It has only made a mess of things. I am disturbed that she went to such lengths to divide us.

  • Disgusted

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    This woman professes to be a woman of God. She rep my child as his GAL and she could care less about the welfare of children. She has been reported to the ARDC for knowingly providing false statements in court about a child's welfare while in the care of the father despite her knowing that the father was abusing his own child. I have prayed over this woman and asked God to give her the same justice that she gave my child. She does not deserve to be a GAL over no child. I believe God will deal with her accordingly and that she gets all that she deserves for placing my child in harms way. I strongly recommend all that read this review to NOT hire this attorney as she enjoys tearing down homes. She lacks ethics and integrity about herself. It is completely accepting to her for men to harrass women and harm children. It is a testiment that she must be a battered woman herself and her children treat women the same way.