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Vijay Ratan Sharma

Vijay Sharma’s Legal Guides

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  • Assault and Battery

    Heres a basic one. Assault and Battery are always used together. Quite simply, they are not the same things. An Assault is a Class C Misdemeanor. It occurs when a person commits an assault when, without lawful authority, he engages in conduct which places another in reasonable ap...

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  • How Should I Dress for Court

    Im writing this one as a quick primer. I was in court the other day and saw a guy in an undershirt going to his courtroom. Dont do this. If you are my client I will send you home to change and hope you dont get a warrant. I have a talk with every client on how to dress. It is not...

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  • What should I do in Court?

    When you have to go to court you need to realize that many other people have your same court time. This creates a back log at the security check. This will mean you may be late to court. That will mean that you may get a warrant for your arrest. Warrants are not good things. So ...

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