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Vijay Ratan Sharma

Vijay Sharma’s Legal Guides

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  • The Basics of Going to Law School

    Why would you go through three years of punishment? Law school is this wonderful, terrible experience. I was in my junior year of college before I decided to go to law school. I was a history major trying to figure out what to do since I didnt want to teach high school. When I f...

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  • How Does Evidence Get Thrown Out of Court?

    One way this can happen is due to the exclusionary rule. The US Supreme Court has said that States have a Constitutional duty to make sure unconstitutionally seized evidence is not used against a person. If it can be shown that evidence was seized was in an unconstitutional way,...

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  • The First Year of Law School

    The first year of law school can be the most stressful level of education youve ever had. I started in January of 2002, a day after I graduated college. I remember I would ask a couple people what law school is like and the most common answer was hard. The reality is that its n...

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