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How to Deal with a Police Officer?

Posted by attorney Vijay Sharma

I can’t count the number of cases where a police officer gave a ticket or made an arrest based on a Defendant’s bad attitude. I recently defended two marijuana possession cases where my client was arrested, not for their attitudes, but their passengers attitudes.

In both cases, the passenger started yelling at the police officer. The officer not only arrested the driver in both cases, they followed up at court to see if they could get supervision. They didn’t want to let the charges go, even though the charges were minor.

I remember when I was a prosecutor I had an attorney work very hard to lower my offer on a DUI charge. I was offering 6 months of jail time on this repeat offender who had a DUI with his children in the car. His client walked in to watch the DUI video. As we’re watching, his client starts bragging about how well he did on the field testing. After telling him to be quiet, he called me an asshole. Instantly, my offer jumped from 6 months in jail to 12 months in jail.

Had the Defendant taken the opposite approach, my offer might have actually gone down.

So just remember that if you are dealing with a prosecutor, police officer, or Judge; you are dealing with a person and you can get farther with a good attitude sometimes.

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