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  • I had a dash cam running during police contact, they seized it, it is MY evidence how do i get it back? It is also a memory aid

    After the camera was seized, the court was continued for 7 weeks to subpoena it, The prosecutor wanted to settle the matter yet did not come up with dash cam or data card. The matter has been continued again for another eight weeks. I Told My publ...

    Jason’s Answer

    You are giving the system too much credit, the state is indifferent to your home monitoring costs, they want a conviction and that's that.

    It sounds like you want to drive but don't want the ignition interlock device as a part of the deal? Unfortunately your public defender can't do anything to help with that part of your case as they are only allowed to assist you in your criminal case (your license is a civil matter).

    As for your dash-cam, I would be surprised if they actually ever bring it to court until trial or possibly a contested omnibus hearing, right now the camera is evidence that may either assist in your defense or your conviction. Your lawyer should contact the prosecutor to review it, but since Public Defenders are so overworked right now that is very unlikely.

    My suggestion? Call in any debts owed to you can and hire a private lawyer, they will have the time to go review the dash cam as well as see if it's not too late to fight for you driver's license.

    Good luck.

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  • Is there a family law lawyer willing to take payments?

    My 13 year old is not properly cared for and wants to move with me. Also my ex is refusing to send them to me for summer visits. Our case is in Anoka Co but I moved to California.

    Jason’s Answer

    It's a good question, but I've got a bad answer for you. The short answer is most good family lawyers will require a pretty hefty retainer up front and if it goes over retainer you may be able to get some time to pay.

    It may seem unfair, but the problem is you need to put yourself in the lawyer's shoes. if you pay him or her $100/month to take the case and total cost is say, $7500, that's 75 months of payments, over 6 years! And if you stop paying it will take time (which equals money to lawyers) to sue you and try and collect the judgment, then you have the option to file for bankruptcy and the lawyer ended up working for free. Not a good situation.

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  • What are my rights as I am custodial parent?

    Custody is I have physical custody and joint legal custody. I have our daughter every day except every other weekend. My ex moved 88 miles away and became a truck driver. Now he wants me to meet him half way or come and get our child each visitati...

    Jason’s Answer

    What does the order say regarding parenting time? You indicated he has every other weekend, does the order specify where and when you'll meet, it should.

    Child support is a different issue entirely, you say he doesn't pay, but is there an order? if not go get one!!! fill the forms out that are free online from the State of MN. If on the other hand there is an order and he just doesn't want to pay you may want to seek assistance from the County for collection services (call you local child support worker).

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  • My children's mother is in jail & I was told I have no rights as noncustodial father?

    We signed a ROP when twins were born, but they were placed by social services with non-related individual. Social worker stated the county attorney said I had no rights and they could not provide any information regarding where my children are loc...

    Jason’s Answer

    It sounds like you were not married to the child's mother, if this is the case even if you signed the ROP you have very few rights. You need to file a paternity action or motion to establish custody/parenting time then you can get an order that give you rights with the child.

    If this is a CHIPS case, it's a little different you can be named a party and request an attorney be appointed by the court to help you.

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  • My son was recently awarded joint custody of his 13 year old son.

    the child's mother has been a controlling, vindictive monster. My son has paid $600/month child support for 13 years never missing a payment. He now has 3 more children with his partner and they live together. My son's income is $3,500/month. ...

    Jason’s Answer

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    Your can can modify child support by filing the motion to modify child support with the court. The forms are online and generally are simple to do and you may not need a lawyer.

    Don't expect the child support worker to do anything as they are not there to help your son at all.

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  • Pay hospital bills in child support after birth giving?

    The mother wants backpay cs for the hospital bills, back from when she gave birth. But! She gave birth on the bathroom floor, cut the cord with a utility knife, went to sleep for 2 hours and later went to the hospital. In this form how is the fath...

    Jason’s Answer

    Well I appreciate you not wanting to hear you should contact a lawyer, but you won't get any advice here, you'll get some general and vague answers to what is a generally vague question.

    If you don't want to hire an attorney, well the father can request he doesn't have to pay...and the Judge or magistrate will decide, there is no magic that can be given here I'm afraid.

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  • How do i go about getting my child back from an ofp order from the mom who dont take care of her?

    i take care of my baby,i support her,i got her everything paid for everything for her,and the mom and me had a verbal fight,she placed an order for protection on behalf of my baby but the mom never got her nothing..

    Jason’s Answer

    A little hard to understand your question. First you need to deal with the OFP and either request a hearing or attend the hearing, if it's too late for that then can modify the OFP. I would suggest you contact a lawyer asap to get going on this.

    Also, be aware if you had the baby out of wedlock and there is no custody/parenting time order in place you have very limited rights and should address this too.

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  • Do I need a lawyer for custody and visitation

    My ex thinks he can just take our daughter and not talk to me about anything and I don't want to give him to much cause of his past and now his new girlfriend that he is with can't even take care of her kids Im afraid he's gonna leave our child wi...

    Jason’s Answer

    To answer your question " Do i need a lawyer for custody and visitation?" the short answer is you don't need one but you should have one.

    I'm afraid I have no idea what the rest of your question is. If English is not your first language be sure you notify your lawyer and they can try and have an interpreter to help you.

    Best of luck.

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  • My lawyer did not do his job right he scheduled his court date two months to late so now i owe $5,500 restituition

    what can i do about this please call me at 3202415718 thanks

    Jason’s Answer


    If you want a lawyer just use the google, but if you want an answer you need to do a lot more than give us these vague facts.

    Restitution isn't something done in Family Court and we don't know anything what the lawyer didn't do right. Sorry too vague to give you any help.

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  • How much a lawyer cost for relative adoption

    I'm going to adopt my sister's baby that is going to be born in August. Since it's consent from both parents, do I still need a lawyer and how much it cost?

    Jason’s Answer

    If this is a "standard" family adoption you can get by relatively cheaply. I would suspect you get a lawyer to do this for between $2000-$4000. Remember there is a filing fee as well as a possible post-placement review that can cost thousands if not waived by the Judge.

    This is not a simple speeding that doesn't really matter if you screw up, but if you screw up best case is you're out a few thousand extra dollars, worst case is the Judge says no on the adoption and you're not the mother. Get a lawyer for this.

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