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Ryan Patrick Garry

Ryan Garry’s client reviews

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  • Dedicated, well connected, brilliant and humane.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Candace

    Consulted attorney

    The title sums up my experience with Ryan Garry. Not only is he caring and humane, but he understands the law like no one else. He exhibits total dedication and tenacity, and he exhausts every possible avenue to provide the best advice and service for his clients. Ryan also understands the "system" better than most, and his wide network of connections help him navigate difficult cases creatively, passionately and effectively. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone, anytime, for any legal matter.

  • A super lawyer among many super lawyers!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Ryan is an excellent lawyer! He has extremely strong self confidence and influence over others at the court. He is a very strong and effective lawyer when negotiating with the prosecutor and communicating with the judge. He has sincere attitude towards his clients and always tries his best to help them in a very professional way.

    More importantly, he is always willing to go another EXTRA mile to help his clients even AFTER the law suites are closed. You can feel respected, heard, and helped when working with Ryan. From his other successful cases, you can see that you are in VERY good hands when he represents you.

    I have interviewed at least 10 Super Lawyers/Rising Stars before I met Ryan. But he is definitely a super lawyer among all the super lawyers I have interviewed. I fully recommend Ryan for any criminal related legal issues!

  • State vs KK in Lyon County - March 2012

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Debbie

    Ryan was hired to defend a foreign student who was charged with First Degree Burglary, First Degree Assault-Liability for Crimes of Another, Third Degree Assault-Liability for Crimes of Another and First Degree Burglary-Liability for Crimes of Another. Ryan took over this case from another Attorney who I had hired, and had to dismiss due to his poor handling of the case. Ryan work very diligently on this case and kept us informed about the case at all times. We always knew what was going on. At trial, no one could have predicted the obstruction Ryan faced to simply represent his client in court, and play by the rules of the criminal justice system. This case was not an easy one and many lawyers in Ryan's position would not have been able to achieve the outcome that he did. Three of the most serious charges were found by a jury to be not guilty and the least serious charge was a guilty verdict. The plea offer from the prosecutor was to plead guilty to burglary assault and spend 72 months in prison. Ryan did not accept this offer. This case involved three other defendants, one pleaded guilty to burglary assault and offered to testify for the government. The two other defendants are currently in prison. These were just a few college students who had too much to drink and got into a fight. The aggressor in this case was the victim of an injury. The state main witness lied at trial. People like Ryan makes the criminal justice system work. Ryan's method of defending his clients are honorable and he has good work ethics. It was two long days of trial, after the jury verdicts, everyone in court praised Ryan for a job well done even though we did not get four not guilty verdicts. Ryan made a difference in his client's life and that is something we will never forget. I will recommend Ryan Garry to anyone who needs an attorney.