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State of Minnesota vs. E.E.

Case Conclusion Date: 06.26.2010

Practice Area: DUI & DWI

Outcome: Prosecutor returned the forfeited vehicle to client's mother. Client received a stay of adjudication of guilt, meaning that client was not convicted of DWI. Client prevailed at the license revocation hearing and avoided one year of license cancellation.

Description: Client was charged with Second Degree DWI, enhanced by two prior DWI convictions within the previous 10 years. Police arrested client after a reported domestic disturbance involving alcohol use. Client submitted to a urine test, resulting in an alcohol concentration of 0.13. Police forfeited the vehicle driven by client, which was owned by client's mother. I challenged the license revocation and license plate impoundment and obtained temporary reinstatement of client's license and plates, pending resolution of the case. I also challenged the vehicle forfeiture.

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