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Cameron Kelly - A great lawyer, a better man

Posted by: Paul, a Litigation client over 4 years ago.

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I hired Cameron more than 3 years ago.

Cameron handled my Litigation matter.

I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

In Cameron Kelly I have found a lawyer who understands the personal relationship side of his business. I first met him when the other guy working with me didn't give a hoot about my situation and the work showed it. Cameron stepped in with great integrity, cleaned up the work and led my case to a fair settlement, which greatly helped my struggling business. I continued with Cameron after he left the firm and went out on his own. He is a man who understands the law, plays tough and fair, all the while retaining a personal touch which shows that your case is as important to him as it is to you. I highy recommend Cameron Kelly, he is worthy of your confidence.