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Posted by attorney Cameron Kelly

Most homeowners and owners of real estate have seen an abstract of title. An abstract is evidence of transactions that affect the owner's property, but does not provide any assurance to the owner that they hold good title to their property. In order to assure that they hold good title, many property owners choose to register title to their property. The purpose of registering is to establish a clear record of title to property, that will be free, with limited exceptions, from the unrecorded rights or claims of others. The most common reasons to register title are: (1) to correct an inaccurate legal description, (2) to settle boundary disputes, and (3) to eliminate other disputed interests in the property. Once a property owner has registered, they receive a certificate of title that provides the property owner with assurance that they own the property free from unknown claims. The certificate also provides the owner and prospective purchasers of the property with a clearer understanding of the interest affecting their investment.

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