No one wants to admit financial failure and file bankruptcy. Our situation was no different; however, we were fortunate to find an attorney that did more for us than we could have imagined.

From the very beginning with the initial meeting to see what options we had, to our decision to file a Chapter 13, to the current; Brad has never hesitated to take time to answer a question or give us that little extra time to explain something that we may not have initially understood in more detail. Nor has he ever settled for mediocre.

Brad exceeded everything a client would expect in an attorney. He definitely went above and beyond the "norms" in a Chapter 13 case. He took the time to research cases that were similar to our situation in order to help us the best way possible. Through his research, Brad was able to eliminate our second mortgage with the Chapter 13 payment plan, a process that did not fall under the "norm" category for a bankruptcy case in our area at the time.

We highly recommend Brad to any individual who finds themselves in need of a Bankruptcy Attorney. "Second to None" is exactly what you will find when you hire this attorney.

We will forevermore appreciate all he has done for us and continues to do.