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Nathan D. Eisenberg

Nathan Eisenberg’s Legal Guides

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  • Key Differences Between Wisconsin and Federal Family and Medical Leave Eligibility

    Employees determining eligiblity for family and medical leave should consider whether they are eligible for leave not only under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) but also Wisconsin's family and medical leave statute. This summary discuses the key differences between the two laws.

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  • Do Wisconsin Employees Have A Right to See Their Personnel Files?

    Employees in Wisconsin have a statutory right to see their personnel files. Wisconsin Statute §103.13 sets forth the method of obtaining such files, what records must be produced, and penalties for failing to provide such records:

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  • Does a Wisconsin Employer Need to Pay for Work Breaks?

    This guide describes when employers in Wisconsin are required to pay for work breaks. The information in this guide is strictly limited to Wisconsin law and applies primarily to hourly employees.

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