At first he seemed extremely knowledgeable, eager to work with me and ready to help me get custody. After hired though I only heard from him about payments for my retainer. Which I had paid when stated I would but somehow they misplaced two checks. Once he got the full retainer he charged me for reading and responding to emails, but never actually responded. Then the final straw was he told me that my case was taken care of, and I didn't hear from him in four months. By then I was assigned a court date for contempt of court. Turns out the court date where he was suppose to take care of everything he cancelled. Once in contempt I went to get a public defender. After this he all of a sudden called me nonstop trying to be my public defender. Has some nerve on that one. I fired him and am now looking for an Atty to fix all this. This time I'm researching and reading reviews. I'm told that the mess he made of my very simple case is deplorable, and professionals I've talked to thus far can not believe how bad he treated me and my case.