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Michael Villar

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dustin

    Michael Villar Was Able To Do What 3 Other Attorneys Could Not Accomplish

    Michael Villar is a fierce legal representative who confidently took my case and produced results. My case was unreal to a lot of people so Mr. Villar had his work cut out for him.

    I was taken advantage of early on in my divorce case due to me living outside of the state of Michigan. I was left with a mess involving parenting time and outrageous support obligations that were put into place with orders produced by manipulation via my ex wife. I had 3 other attorneys prior to Michael Villar who were all shut down in court while trying to resolve my issues. My ex wife won in the beginning but finally about 3 years later I was still fighting and the good lord put me in front of Michael Villar.

    When I sat in Mr. Villars office the first time we met, I looked around as I spoke to him and got the feeling that this man was not going to feed me garbage, he would give it to me straight every time. His simplicity along with his unmasked emotion brought a sense of comfort that I had not experienced with previous attorneys.
    My other attorneys were very intimidated by my ex wives council to where I had been making wasted trips to court in Allegan Michigan from Pennsylvania and Ohio for some time at this point. Michael Villars vast knowledge of the law combined with his fierce direct approach put the opposing council on their heals. I had never seen my ex wives attorney look even close to intimidated until he met Mr. Villar.

    I spoke to Mr. Villar in spring of 2014 and by that summer he had convinced my ex wives attorney to advise my ex wife to work with me on parenting time until the final order was issued by the judge. I had a total of almost one entire month in my home in Ohio with my kids during the summer of 2014 along with monthly weekend visits in Ohio where my ex wife was sharing 25% of the travel (about 2.25 hours out of the 9 hour round trip). Since my divorce began in 2011, my wife was dodging my parenting time visits and creating issues due to a vague order that was drawn up by her council. So what Michael Villar did for me that summer was a big deal in my eyes.
    Next Michael Villar made it to where I had my first Christmas with my kids and one week of Christmas break in 2014 and then all of Spring break 2015 (over one week) all in my home in Ohio. Remember that this was all accomplished without a court order due to delays outside of Michael Villars control within the court system. There is now a proper parenting time order in place where my ex wife has to split the 9 hour round trip to Ohio 50/50 and she no longer can play games with out consequences.

    Next Michael Villar settled a show cause issue involving a debt from my ex wife and had a credit applied to my large support balance since I had already paid the debt off.

    The next part of my case was tough but Michael Villar was able to review my documents I had saved over the years and called the judge out on a mistake made by the courts mixed with false statements made by my ex wife. The judge agreed with the error on the behalf of the courts and allowed me to revisit a judgement involving arrearages that were awarded to my ex wife totaling more than 20k. Michael was able to prove that my ex wife was not entitled to any of that money and exposed my ex wives unethical maneuvers that manipulated the courts into ordering me to pay her that money. The judge reversed the judgement and has credited me every single penny of what I had already paid he also completely removed the balance that I still owed on the the false arrearages.

    Michael Villar did what all other attorneys in my past could not get done for me since 2011. By June of 2015, Michael Villar has gotten every single issue resolved for me with a 100% win rate. Michael works with honesty, integrity, and a strong motivation to stand up for what is right. Michael Villar is a true leader in his profession.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim

    Mike saved my future!!!

    I made a poor decision one night while hanging out with some friends, and I ended up having multiple charges against me. I thought my life and my future were ruined! Mike represented me in my case and I have no criminal record and received a better deal than my other friends! I never thought I would have been able to walk away from that situation with a clean slate. I highly recommend having Mike represent you, especially if the odds seem stacked!!! HE'S A MIRACLE WORKER!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Pamela

    Mr. Villar went above and beyond!!!

    Mike Villar served me extremely well as an attorney. He went above and beyond to get me what I deserved in my personal injury case. I found him to be very trustworthy and approachable. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has been in an accident. And if I ever need an attorney again, I will definitely call Mike Villar!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by ChrisParrish


    Mr Villar is an OUTSTANDING attorney!!!! I was being sued by an ex business partner for 90k and the cards were stacked against me, huge. They had what they thought was all the proof they needed for a slam dunk win. Mr Villar shut down all their big moves and left their attorney stuttering on many occasion, and ultimately had the case dismissed. I highly recommend Mr Villar for what ever your needs may be and will always use him for any situation I may need his services for. Furthermore, I would also think of Mr Villar as a friend. He saved my business and pretty much my life. I give him the highest recommendation possible.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    Top quality Attorney.

    I have used Mr. Villar several times in the past 5 years. He has guided me thru leagal issues in the death of my parents. Putting together contracts for our business. He also has helped me with real estate issues. I recommened Mr Villar for any leagal matters.