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Scott Douglas Moore

Scott Moore’s client reviews

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  • Scott did a great job helping me out

    5.0 stars

    Posted by chad

    I hired scott to help me with my charge in which it was very important for me to keep an alcohol offense off my driving record for employment. I feel he did a great job of negotiating for me and was of great value to my outcome. I would recomend his services.

  • true and honest advice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Elton

    I have not yet had the privilege of working with Mr Moore in an actual court room but the reason for my rating here is while looking for an attorney for a pending case Mr Moore was very quick to respond and gave me a lot of valuable advice to use even if I DIDN'T retain his services. He was not just about the money he seems to really show a level of professionalism as well as a true concern for even potential clients. He was very reasonable with his fees and was very straight forward. In my opinion Mr Scott Moore is someone worth his weight in gold and if all goes well I will be retaining his services fully. I think a relationship with an attorney starts with the time you dial their number and from the time Mr. Moore called me back until we hung up i think he has earned my trust.

  • Scott Moore - Gave me freedom

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Debbie

    I was searching for an Attorney through about a warrant for my arrest that had been issued a year ago. Every day, for a year I worried I would get pulled over and arrested and creating a bigger financial burden. I hated living in fear everyday so I finally took the steps to obtain an Attorney. My real issue with most Attorneys' is, I feel they take your money and your problems drags out for a lengthy time before it is dealt with or resolved. I received many responses from Attorney's on and I made my decision after reading their Bio's, reviewing their outrageous fees, and talking to them on the phone.

    After reviewing the Attorney's, I called Attorney Scott Moore on a Friday and did not have to play the voicemail or waiting game to talk to him personally. I made an appointment to meet with him on Monday in my living area, since I was afraid to risk driving any distance. Scott was more than happy to honor my request. We arranged to meet at Starbucks at a precise time. When I arrived Scott was already there. It is important to me that he realized my time is as valuable as his and did not keep me waiting. I have to admit I did have some fear going there and meeting with him not really knowing what to expect because of my outstanding warrant.

    We had a couple cups of coffee while I explained my situation with the warrants and a couple of additional law enforcement issues I have. Scott was a good listener and made me feel I could relax and be honest with him. After an hour of discussion he gave me advice and told me his opinion of how I should handle my legal problems and the steps that I should take. I fet confident and comfortable that Scott was the Attorney for me, as I listened to his own stories and background in law.

    Within 3 days of first meeting Scott, he had already scheduled a court hearing for me about the arrest warrant that was issued , the court date was set at that time for the following Thursday. Court day, when I met Scott, I explained that I was afraid to go to the court because I had other legal issues and was afraid of being arrest and if the judge wanted money at that time for fines or bail that I was absolutely broke. I asked Scott if he would go alone. We met across from the court house and again Scott was already there waiting for me. He explained I should go with him but he would understand if I would not. I decided to sit at the restaurant across the street from the court house while Scott went in front of the Judge without me. A half hour later Scott called me on my cell phone and asked me to come over to the court house that he had spoke with the Judge and I would be fine. I was worried I was going to be arrested for the warrants if I went in there. Scott assured me this would not happen and I would be alright. I put my trust in Scott and went in front of the judge. The arrest warrants and $5,000 bail bond were completely dropped.

    I feel relief and nothing but gratitude for how quick and efficient Scott handle this. This is the reason I hired Scott I just felt that I could trust him and he had my best interests at heart and not just out to make a dollar. I could not have asked for a better Attorney, he did more than an excellent job for me.

    I would like to add, that I have already seen progress in my addition legal issues in this short time. Scott has a wonderful legal aid that is always available for any information I need about my case and by using Jeff for such things as updates is a good way to cut some cost. If I need to talk to Scott Moore directly he has always answered my calls and been available or returned my call within an hour.

  • Best in the Biz

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Mr. Moore and his partner Ben were oustanding in my view. Told me the truth and guided me to a wonderful outcome. I continue to use them to this day and would highly recommend them.I had very little confidence in lawyers before working with them. They have earned my trust and respect!

  • Client Rating Feedback

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Scott was a perfect balance of professionalism and compassion. I had clearly broken the law and was not looking for any type pf plea, instead he was able to bargain for Sobriety Court, which addressed my issues and set me onto a path of clear and sober living.