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Gregory Philip Bowes

Gregory Bowes’s Legal Guides

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  • Grandparent Visitation Rights in Indiana

    An overview of grandparent visitation law in Indiana along with advice for parents to fight a request and for grandparents to win a request. Indiana's Grandparent Visitation Law Indiana allows grandpa

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  • What Is Mediation in Indiana?

    The Indiana Supreme Court has adopted rules governing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). ADR includes all types of methods of resolving disputes other than using the court system full litigation. It includes arbitration, mediation, mini-trials, summary jury trials, and private...

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  • Bad Checks in Indiana

    What should you do if you receive a payment by check, and the check bounces? Indiana law offers two helpful remedies from which you can choose. Under Indianas banking law, you may be able to recover the following in addition to the original amount of the check: (1) Interest at th...

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  • Parental Liability for Crimes of their Children

    In 2009, there were 4,301 juveniles charged with acts of delinquency in Marion County. See Kids Count in Indiana 2010 Data Book, Indiana Youth Institute, In many of these acts of delinquency, someone is injured or property might be dam...

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  • Child Sexual Abuse Information

    Child Sexual Abuse In 2007, there were 825 reported cases of child sexual abuse that were substantiated by Indiana Child Protective Services. Kids Count in Indiana 2008, Indiana Youth Institute, Child sex abuse is a crime. See Ind. C...

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