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John Patrick Maxwell

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  • My husband & I own an empty lot next door free and clear. We are divorcing and he said I can have it. How do we remove his name?

    The property is in both our names. We never had a loan on the property as we bought it outright. Would we do a quit claim deed to transfer the title to just me or is there something different in this case? He is just giving it to me so there will ...

    John’s Answer

    I agree. A quitclaim deed is a simple way of transferring his ownership interest to you. Consult a local attorney, or go to the local law library to find an approrpriate form to use.

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  • What to do about slander

    My wifes ex husband is threatening to say things about me at this time that are not true. making things up to get rid of me. such as child molestation and ect. what can i do about this if he does say this stuff. Not sure if he's said it public...

    John’s Answer

    I would recommend hiring an attorney, who can send a "cease and desist" letter to him, informing him that any defamatory information communicated by him about you will result in a lawsuit.

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  • Where and how do i file for back child support?

    I live in ohio and my sons father lives in fl. my son is 38 and his father has never even tried to pay anything for him. Where do i start? Do I start in fl.?

    John’s Answer

    Is the father your ex-husband? If so, start by returning to the court in which you obtained your divorce.

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  • Who is liable for damages when both parties were driving illegally

    my gf was in a minor fender bender .my gf did not have in surance and the other party was driving under a suspension. my girlfriend was cited for a marked lane she 100% liable for the minor damages?

    John’s Answer

    The issue of who is at fault, or liable, for the accident is typically determined by who was negligent, and not by whether one party or the other was under a license suspension ot without insurance.

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  • How can I pay off my support order without going through JFS-CSEA?

    I was ordered to pay $6000 spousal support, $1000 lump sum then $400 a month through wage garnishment. JFS-CSEA's in their accounting say that I owe $18.26 more than what was ordered. It appears that when I paid a half month and a lump sum while ...

    John’s Answer

    Keep in mind that all child support payments in Ohio must be paid through the Ohio Child Support Payment Central office, or your risk not receiving credit for your payments.

    Your payment may be in the form of a personal check, money order, or cashier's check. Make checks payable to Ohio CSPC and mail via standard U.S. mail to:

    Ohio CSPC
    P.O. Box 182372
    Columbus, OH 43218-2372

    To ensure prompt and accurate posting to your child support case, please be sure to include the following with your payment:

    â– Your Name
    â– Your Social Security Number (optional)
    â– SETS Case Number (10-digit number that begins with a 7)
    â– Court Order Number
    â– Amount that should be applied to each case (if you have more than one case)

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