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Mark Roland Baran

Mark Baran’s Legal Guides

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  • What do I do if I have been issued a citation and injured in a car accident?

    Look at the ticket for the date and time of your mandatory Court appearance The ticket will, among other things, tell you the DATE and TIME of your mandatory Court appearance. Write the date and tim

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  • How To Know Whether You Need an Injury Attorney or If You Should Work with an Insurance Company

    Signing legal documents, including checks, without first getting free advice from an Injury Lawyer could forever limit your legal rights We all pay insurance premiums, including corporations, for the

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  • How Can I Find Out What Is Happening With The Lawsuit Filed In My Case?

    My lawyer has filed suit in my case and I am interested in finding out more about my case filed with the Court

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  • How to make sure your lawyer will return your calls so you remain informed about your case

    I've called my lawyer numerous times over the last several months and cannot get a return call except from a secretary or paralegal. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of salt in this regard. W

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