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How to make sure your lawyer will return your calls so you remain informed about your case

Posted by attorney Mark Baran

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Recently, Courts have been posting on-line docket information about active cases pending in their Court. If you have a case that has been filed in a state Court, you may be able to access and keep track of the events of you case from your home computer. Some Courts will even scan legal documents filed by the lawyers which will allow you to read and keep up-to-date with your case and allow you find out what is going on with your case without calling your lawyer.

In general, if you case has been filed, your first step should be to contact your lawyer, or the law firm, and ask the NAME OF THE COURT your lawsuit was filed. Then you can call the "CLERK OF COURTS," and ask for the internet web address to search pending cases. As You will then be prompted to enter either the name of the primary plaintiff or the case number. Your lawyer, or the law firm, should be able to provide you with the case number if you don't have it.

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