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Kathryn Jeanne Carlisle-Kesling

Kathryn Carlisle-Kesling’s client reviews

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  • Detailed and Available

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    I needed a lawyer that I could trust, answer all my questions, and walk me thru the legal process with clear guidance. Kathryn not only did that, but was always available either in person or by phone. I would highly recommend her and would use her again should I need a lawyer in the future.

  • Kathryn Carlisle-Kesling is a Knowledgeable and Professional Real Estate Attorney with Good Legal Contacts in Greater Cleveland

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Real Estate client

    Attorney Carlisle-Kesling provided legal expertise to me on real estate and personal finance legal issues. The most recent real estate case she has handled for me was a complex title transfer involving more than nine parties. Attorney Carlisle-Kesling easily understood the complex situation and made several invaluable suggestions for things that were added to the agreement which we had never thought to add, or even ask about.
    On the personal finance issues, she gave us several options and clearly explained each alternative in easy to understand “English.” She took the time to explain the pros and cons of each option so that we could determine which path was best for us.

    Also, I have consulted Attorney Carlisle-Kesling for advice on several other personal legal matters. In areas in which she is not an expert, she is quick to acknowledge that fact and has provided excellent references to other attorney’s in the Greater Cleveland Area that were able to assist me.
    In summary, Attorney Carlisle-Kesling is a very knowledgeable and professional attorney who obtains good results for her clients, treats them with respect and uses “plain English” throughout the process, adding value each step of the way.

  • Not Recommended

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Landlord & Tenant client

    Kathryn Carlisle-Kesling handled my eviction case very poorly. First, she requested I delay processing the case and that I give the tenants a second 3 day notice, even though they were already clearly in breach of the lease and had already received a 3 day notice. Then, she mailed paperwork intended for me to the tenants. I had no idea any paperwork was even sent to me or to the court, or that a court date was set until I happened to find the case information on my own on the municipal court website. When I questioned this she said that was the address they had on file for me, yet I saw her write down my current address when we met (and yet the bill made it to my actual home address!). When she finally sent me the paperwork via email, the dates and other facts in the complaint were incorrect. When I pointed this out and asked that it be corrected, she didn’t want to correct it until I pushed for it (she had another attorney correct it). While we sat in court for the hearing on count one to get them out of the house she said that after we won, if they didn't leave I should contact her a day or so before so that she could be prepared to contact the court the day after they were to be out. She also said that I would not have to pay any extra unless the tenants decided to fight count 2, which was for unpaid rent, utilities and damages. She described in detail the varioius ways of collecting, including requesting the money from the tenants bank account that they had used to pay the rent, garnishing wages, etc. We did win the judgment on count one and a date was set for the tenants to be out. But when that day approached, she told me if they didn't leave I had to handle it myself with the court. Luckily the tenants moved out. Then she said she wanted to file a default judgment for count 2 for but only against the female on the lease, and tried to talk me down on the amount owned. She asked me to scramble to get things signed and returned to her the day I was flying out on vacation, so that she could file this while I was on vacation. I did this only to return and find nothing filed, and no contact from her. When I questioned this she finally submitted the request for default judgment against the female. After the default judgment against the female was granted, and a month after filing against the female, said then she wanted to file a default judgment against the male on the lease. So again filled out the paperwork. Then a couple weeks later I got a letter stating "as I know, both default judgments were granted...." and implying that pursuing the money would be at additional charge. She did not send me copies of either of the 2 default judgments. At this point it seemed that a lot of unnecessary delays were built into the process, to the benefit of the tenants. So I sent her an email asking her to confirm in writing that neither she nor her assistant had a relationship with either of the tenants, questioned why she was sending me a termination letter when I never got copies of the 2 default judgments, and told her that I did want to pursue collecting the money but that my understanding was that it was included in what I already paid. I asked her to call me. She called me, and acted like she didn't know what my questions were. When I started to speak she would not even talk to me and said very angrily that she was terminating the relationship. Then a week later she sent me a letter with copies of the 2 default judgments and a letter stating that I terminated the relationship because I said that I "will pursue collection on the money judgment on my own"...which is completely not true - my email to her clearly stated I wanted to pursue and reminded her that she originally said that was included. I have email records to confirm all of this. I highly recommend avoiding using her for evictions

    Kathryn Jeanne Carlisle-Kesling’s response: “Although CKA is not able to respond with any substantial detail because of the client protection afforded under the confidentiality rules and attorney client priviledge, I want to personally apologize if your experience with CKA was not 100% satisfactory. Although this client has expressed disappointment, CKA has had much success with evictions having represented large apartment owners to single family owners. CKA stands by its lawyers and stands by its good business practices.”
  • Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by C.V.

    From my first meeting with Kathryn Carlisle-Kesling she took the time to listen to me, asked the necessary questions so that she could gain a full understanding of my situation, and made sure the process of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy was clearly defined to me. Her thorough explanation made me feel comfortable to pursue my bankruptcy case. Ms. Carlisle-Kesling was always extremely responsive with my numerous questions and concerns. I was extremely satisfied with the settlement she negotiated with the trustee!