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Rachel Anne Kabb-Effron

Rachel Kabb-Effron’s Answers

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  • What to do???

    My father is an elderly with alzheimer's. About 8 years ago he was very sick to the point he couldnt make medical decisions. So my brother became his first poa and i his second poa. He has been living with my brother now for about 2 years. prior t...

    Rachel’s Answer

    While Guardianship is the best way to deal with the decision-making authority, knowing how to get the best care to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed is critical. You should be sure that you are accessing all the services that can help him. Then you need a plan to get that care paid for without running through all his money. There are services through Ohio Medicaid that can help with home care and related long term services and supports. If your father was a veteran during a period of wartime, you might be able to access healthcare and pension benefits for him. Seek out a Certified Elder law attorney with a life care planning practice model. A firm with a social worker on staff full time is in a unique position to help you!

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  • My mother is 86 and is the only name on the deed to her house, if her son is added to the deed will she compromise her medicaid,

    medi-care benefits?

    Rachel’s Answer

    Whenever a person is going to potentially need Medicaid or long term care within 5 years, any transfer should be reviewed by a Certified elder law attorney. That said, just putting a son on a deed will not protect it from Medicaid and may compromise Medicaid eligibility depending on the jurisdiction. In Ohio, depending on the type of deed, the gift of 1/2 of a property could be considered an improper transfer. Putting a child on a house, however, can compromise the house, especially if the son has creditor or divorce issues. Best to consult a Certified Elder Law Attorney in Colorado. I recommend checking or for finding someone in your area.

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  • My mother is in an alzheimer unit is 84 and very frail and needs alot of rest. Is it ok for an aid to come in and shake her?

    I have had a problem with an aid so they transferred her out of my Mother's unit. One day while I was visiting she came walking in the room While my Mother was sleeping. I didn't know what was going on so I said what's up and she quickly walked ov...

    Rachel’s Answer

    While it is impossible to know if that is abuse, you must trust your gut. If possible, call a care planning meeting to address this situation. If that doesn't solve the problem, consider a different facility. If you are still having problems with the facility, consider contacting your local long term care ombudsman. Document your interactions with the employee in writing and communicate with the administrator. Your mother has rights and you should feel a comfort level with her care at that facility.

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