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William Doak Patton

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    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Thank you for saving my son - My son was facing serious charges and Mr. Patton was able to have all but one of the charges taken

    Thank you for saving my son. Mr. Patton went with my son last week to court in Nashville. My son is a good kid, but is at an age where he has made some bad decisions, and listening to the wrong people. Unfortunately, he went with some friends to celebrate a birthday party with one of his friends. My son is not a drinker and has chosen some bad friends from time to time. He did drink to much that night and landed up in trouble and in jail. No one in our family has ever been to jail, and this was a big shock to everyone. One of the police officers said he was acting very wildly and did somethings that are not him at all. This was a nightmare. He was raised a good kid and he is a good kid.
    We were very upset. He was charged with attacking a police officer that tried to arrest him and several other charges. We didn't know what to do. We have never needed to use of a criminal lawyer before, we had used several lawyers but none of them do this kind of work, and we didn't know where to turn. One of our lawyer friends, told us about Mr. Patton, and that he would use him if he were ever in trouble, and I am so glad we listened to him. Criminal law is what Mr. Patton does everyday in Nashville and it showed. I was impressed with the fact that Mr. Patton spent several years as a criminal prosecutor and the rest of his time as a criminal defense lawyer. I called him and went to see him at his office next to the courthouse the next day, and I am so glad I did. He didn't sugar coat anything for us, but told us what we were facing and promised he would do his best and what was best for our son. He told us all the possible things that could happen and answered all our questions. We were concerned, but glad we had hired him. It was clear that he had the experience and that he does this work everyday. On the day of court Mr. Patton was very busy with several clients, but he did what he said he would do and more. He managed to have all the resisting arrest and other charges dismissed all except the consumption of alcohol, which my son already admitted, but here is the thing, everything else was dropped, and that was the end of it. Just a plea of guilty to the one charge and "time served" was his punishment. Which meant it was over for us. The time served was for the time he had already spent in jail the night he was arrested. We could not believe it. We were sure that this nightmare would last forever and drag out and out, but it was over, the day of court, and only one court cost, not for all his charges, so it didn't break our bank. Thank you. Thank you. Everyone was so happy. I am grateful because I know what those kind of charges can do to a young man and because Mr. Patton listened and we worked out a deal where my son was able to walk away with a future still possible and the least problems for him and his parents to. From now on, he is my only lawyer, and I am telling everyone else the same to. If you have a real problem and you need a real lawyer, go see him. He takes the time to sit down and listen and explain what is going on to you and workout a strategy to fix things. He explained that you have to be very flexible and ready to move and jump on an opportunity when you see it, but still have a backup plan. He let us know that he was only an advisor and that we made all the decisions, but that he would give us his opinion on what to do, and he did. This gave us peace of mind to know we were in his hands. This was clearly the most difficult thing we had faced in our life and I am glad that we hired a man that has been down this road before and could show us the way. Mr. Patton did exactly what he said he would do and more than exceeded our expectations. If we had not found him, I don't know what would have happened. Thank you for all you do Mr. Patton. I highly and unquestionable endorse him. He has the courtroom experience that gave me the confidence to trust him, and you can too.

  • 3.0 stars

    Posted by a Appeals client

    Unorganized - Slow to Respond

    I was informed by the criminal court clerk that I needed to hire a lawyer to file a motion in order to get back into court in order to ask my judge to reduce court fees and fines from a prior case. (Owed $24,000.00)
    On my first appointment Mr. Patton was to meet with me at 4pm. When I showed for meeting he was in a huge rush because he stated that he had another client waiting. Our meeting consisted of a short conversation in the elevator and in the entry hall of his office building, him asking for a check and said that I would receive a contract in the mail by the next day. Well the next day came and went and still had not received any communication from Mr. Patton. Finally called him a week after our initial meeting and was informed that he was working on the motion. Another week later I contacted again and was told that motion was filed and waiting on court date from clerks office. Finally received court date and appeared before judge with Mr. Patton and the court reduced my fees and fines to $2000.00.

    I appreciate everything that Mr. Patton did for me involving my motion to the court. However, I wish his communication with clients that are waiting nervously for answers was somewhat more personal.

    I would recommend this attorney. Just be prepared to wait for communication and what communication received will be up to the client.