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Jacquelyn Diane Tomlinson

Jacquelyn Tomlinson’s Legal Guides

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  • What Standard is Uto Determine a Child Custody Situation?

    Under the laws of Alabama, there are two very different standards for reviewing a joint custody situation. Where the parties are to share joint legal custody and physical custody, the standard applied is "the best interest of the child" standard found in Ex Part Couch. The McLen...

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  • What are the factors that the court will look at to determine child custody issues?

    Custody determinations can be very emotional for everyone involved. It is important that the family works together to insure this process goes as smoothly as possible. If the parties cannot agree to who will have custody of the child, the courts will step in and aid in the determ...

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  • What is Common Law Marriage in the State of Alabama?

    The State of Alabama recognizes common law marriages. This simply means that no ceremony is required for there to be a valid marriage between the parties. In order for a common law marriage to be created the parties must have the capacity to marry, have a present agreement or ...

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  • What is a prenuptial agreement?

    A Prenuptial agreement is an agreement entered into by two parties who are in contemplation of marriage. The parties must enter into a valid contract relationship with an added element know as a "Confidential Relationship." The court views prenuptial agreements different that oth...

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  • An Overview of Adoption in Alabama

    Adoptions can be a very rewarding area of law to practice. There are a few things that someone who is looking into an adoption proceedingneeds to know. First off, the Probate Courts of Alabama have original jurisdiction over adoption proceedings brought within the state. This be...

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  • Family Law in Alabama - Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I can an annulment of marriage in Alabama? An annulment is a remedy at law that allows for the termination of a marriage. In Alabama it has been established that “courts of equity” are empowe

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