She was full of confidence, yet lost my 3 year daughter after having temporary custody. She didnt file relocation papers, for a relocation custody case! It was the judge who told her, you didnt file, so we cannot talk about that today. After waiting two years for a trial. She had plenty of time to do this. She wasn't tough enough, didnt question things and was too way to nice, especially compared to the other attorney. He made her look so bad. I couldnt believe it, I not only had to leave the state without my daughter but my ex. got custody. How did this even happen!!!!After 15,000 spent, I was left with not even an out of state visitation schedule. She told me I could appeal the case for another 25,000 with a different lawyer. After the case she would not return my calls or emails. All she said was 'sorry', Sadly I am a good mom, and my daughter needs to be me. I trusted her, she got my hopes up. Told me not to show emotion in court, don't cry, she said. Which this was held against me. It was like I didnt care because I wasnt crying like my ex. My biggest mistake was hiring her as my lawyer, nothing to show for 15,000! Do your research.