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Jonathan Edward Hausburg

Jonathan Hausburg’s client reviews

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  • The Best Attorney at Law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dalia

    Hired attorney

    Jonathan E. Hausburg is the best Attorney at Law in Sarasota. I know him over 20 years. He is very intelligent, professional and honest. He handled several of my cases with excellence, I would hire him again, Highly recommended!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christopher E.

    The review from Karyn E. is so far from my own experience I must tell you that I would not put any faith in what it says. That being said allow me to tell you of my own experience. First of all I used to be a clerk of the court and as such spent many days in court observing quality counselors as well as poor quality. Attorney Hausburg was a very good quality attorney. Just to prepare for my case his office had to contact approx 14 of my doctors as I have a number of illnesses. He had to read through thousands of pages of medical papers of which just one hospital sent over 600 pages. I have been ill all my life but it kept growing, one illness after another until finally work was no long an option. Social Security turned me down twice and I didn't know what to do. I went to Attorney Hausburg whose expertise was immediately apparent. After years of fighting for help and getting turned down because they did not see any one of my conditions as disabling me, but Attorney Hausburg made then finally see that the combination of all my problems together were my disability. Because of him my wife who had been trying all alone to keep our finances together was saved. I got enough to pay off my medical debts, help my wife and start making doctor appointments again for help. His fee was a value. I didn't even pay it out of pocket. He took my case on contingency and only collected the fee as Karyn E. pointed out, paid to him out of my SSD benefits so that in a way I never felt I paid him much at all. He was well worth every cent and I would hire him again in a New York minute. I cannot recommend him strongly enough. In fact I would make one more point. The fact that he had only a month to prepare for Karyn E.'s case and won is remarkable. It is clear to me that she has no idea how much time attorneys spends preparing cases and especially getting ready for court. Her message to me only makes him more commendable not less. Mr. Hausburg, if you are reading this, thank you from my heart and on behalf of my family. If I ever need an attorney for any other social security issues, your are my first selection sir.

    PS - Karyn E. is the run don't walk from this attorney post. I got her name from her exact same post on yellow pages.


    1.0 star

    Posted by a Social Security client

    Run don’t walk away from John Hausburg. This excuse of an attorney is a true Narcissist, a gas lighting, selfish Narcissist!

    Hired 3 weeks before ALJ, most likely would have won it myself but wanted assurance. He met with me 2 x for 15 min, then ALJ court for 20 Min. Maybe an hour drive time.

    I won but this attorney left over 9k on the table as back pay as he did NO work at all on my case. NONE!

    Once he got his 6k from my alleged back pay he was done with me. Even though I haven’t seen a penny for over 5 weeks now. I call I am ignored or completely put off. I thought the job is not done until I have my $$$. Not with this loser.

    He got his 6k (approximately $2500.00 per hour) now I am nothing. Just doesn’t have the time to complete the job.

    Guess I need to come up with another $2500.00 for him to finish the case.

  • Social Security Expert Jon Hausburg

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Social Security client

    I would recommend Jon Hausburg for three important reasons: he knows the Social Security & Disability law inside and out, the judge clearly has an immeasurable amount of respect and genuine high regard for Mr. Hausburg, and - perhaps the most important - Jon spent a considerable amount of time prepping me for my hearing which helped ease my nerves and rendered me an "excellent" witness. I would recommend Jonathan Hausburg despite the outcome (we won!).