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  1. Does Power Of Attorney End Immediately After Death Or When The Death Certificate Is Made?

    Answered over 3 years ago.

    1. Laurie Elizabeth Ohall
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    I always explain to clients that their power of attorney works for them while they are alive, and their Will takes over at their death. So, to answer your question, yes, the power of attorney ends at death and the agent could face liability for any actions he or she takes with the power of attorney after the person has died (and assuming the agent knew of the principal's death). If something needs to be done with the principal's (the person who signed the power of attorney) assets at death,...

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  2. My fathers power of atty told me I was the executor of his will. He sent me the will but did not tell me or provide any other

    Answered over 3 years ago.

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    First, please let me say that I am sorry for your loss. If the name of the attorney who prepared the Will is listed on the papers you received, it would be a good idea to call that attorney and speak with him or her. They will be able to tell you whether you require an attorney to help you with the probate. Florida statutes require the use of an attorney, in most cases, to open a probate. Until you are appointed as the personal representative (same as executor) of the estate, you don'...