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Brian Paul O'Sullivan

Brian O'Sullivan’s client reviews

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  • Felt like a fool

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Bankruptcy client

    He asks $3,000 for bankruptcy. He researched for three months to tell me not to file and then had the nerve to tell me he DIDN:T HAVE ANY OF THE RESEARCH to show me about why should I not file?!!! I got nothing for my money. I was made to feel like a fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I contacted another lawyer to ask why I was told to not file. Not only did that attorney answer but also formed an argument for O'Sullivan that he could not deny. O'Sullivan had said in his letter to me that "(I) would not understand the legal terminology "if (I )did have the research to look at. How insulting.

    Brian Paul O'Sullivan’s response: “This client was promptly given a full refund after I determined that putting her into Bankruptcy would jeopardize her receiving her husband's pension. I researched the case thoroughly, for numerous hours and even spoke to the Court Trustee, who is the final authority, who agreed with my analysis and also advised me not to represent her. She became enraged when told this, and demanded to know each and every resource, every book , every article I studied so that she could decide on her own, whether or not she should file. She wanted to "micro manage" me, critique me and tell me what to do and how to practice law. I have been a Bankruptcy attorney for more than 23 years and have done thousands of cases. In all that time I have never received a complaint nor have I ever had an unhappy client until this lady. Her statement that she paid $3,000 and received nothing is false. She not only received all of her money back but received numerous hours with me personally explaining the Bankruptcy law and why it would not be to her advantage to file. A reasonable person would be happy that an attorney would attempt to protect them from making a very costly mistake, particularly one, who after spending hours on her case, gave her ALL of the money back. She, however, seems to be one of these people who cannot be satisfied and feels that she knows better than others. I am sorry she is unhapppy but I cannot let her damaging and incorrect statements go unchallenged.”
  • Fresh Start

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nancy

    I hired Brian to file my Bankruptcy. I had lost my job and within 6 months my husband also lost his job. I was scared and didn't know alot about Bankruptcy. Brian explained everything thing to me in away I would understand and made me feel so much better. It took about 2months from start to finish which he had told me that. I could not be more thankful to Brian and his wife Barbara who works with him for giving me the fresh start I needed.

  • Bankruptcy

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Tony

    Excellent bankruptcy attorney, does not pre-judge and makes a very difficult time tolrable. Excellent knowledge of the bankruptcy laws. Also has an assistant Barbara that is very professional. Gave us a new statrt and I will be forever grateful.