Andrew Teschner, the BEST lawyer in South Florida. If you want to win your case, this is the man to have on your side. A compassionate and caring lawyer who "truly cares about getting you the results you deserve". Honest, compassionate and dedicated to your cause. It doesn't get any better than Mr. Teschner. I was privledged to have him by my side. I was also awarded with a friendship in the end. You are a great man Andrew, may God continue to bless you with the talent it takes to protect the interest of those who need a lawyer in order to win a case. I know that lawyers get a bad wrap..which is understandable, I have met a few who have no ethics at all, but not in your case, we need more lawyers like you. Thank you for all you have done to support me when I needed it most. I will forever be grateful to you. A true blessing.