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Dean Theodore Xenick

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  • Looking for family attorneys in the north palm beach county area

    Are there any family attorneys that do free consultations, pro bono, or hourly fees? I just need guidance as to what exactly to file for a child support modification. I can do the work, as I represented myself through my paternity case (unfortunat...

    Dean’s Answer

    You can also contact Legal Aid of Palm Beach County, they may be able to assist you. Good luck.

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  • If a certificate of insurance names a third party as insured

    is it valid proof of insurance between the other two paties?

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    I would need more information to accurately answer this question and would likely want to see a copy of the applicable insurance policy. However, generally, if a person is a "named insured" on an insurance policy, that policy could cover that person/entity in the event of a covered loss under the applicable insuarance policy. Feel free to contact me for additional information. Thank you.

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  • Is there a case?

    a few months ago i was terminated by employer for supposely positve drug testing. said company reported the findings to umemployment which disqualified me. ive obtained the report from consumor reporting ageny which has displayed the results to my...

    Dean’s Answer

    It is possible that you could have a cause of action, even though Florida is an at-will employment state. You would have to determine who reported the false report to unemployment (your employer or the testing agency), how it was reported, and who is responsible for the wrong report being attributed to your name. I hope this helps.

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