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Alex Paul Rosenthal

Alex Rosenthal’s Legal Guides

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  • Employers beware...sloppily drafted severance agreements may not release all claims by the former employee

    The economy does not have to be bad a company to incorporate severance agreements into its employment policies. Severance agreements are important for a variety of reasons regardless of the business climate. Certainly there are the goodwill aspects of offering severance payments...

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  • Going into business without a Shareholder, Partnership and Operating Agreement is a bad business decision

    "Till death do us part." Except when we divorce and spend years fighting over what's your and what's mine and who gets the kids and the dog. Many of these matters are adequately dealt with a carefully drafted prenuptial agreement. However, the emotional stigma associated with a...

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  • Business Insurance and Avoiding Costly Mistakes

    It is vital for businesses to carry some type of insurance coverage in order to abide by the law. It is wise to have a business attorney involved in the decision making process in order to avoid future legal disputes. Every business owner knows that in order to run a successful b...

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  • Expanding Businesses and the Need for Legal Assistance

    Building a successful business embodies the American dream. As companies expand and the need to hire more employees increases, it becomes imperative to have all of your legal issues covered; therefore your business can be protected from legal ramifications. As your business expan...

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  • Breach of Contract Lawyer in Florida

    Business contracts are a key element for the business world. They make sure that individuals and corporations keep their promises and fulfill their obligations. In essence, contracts are an idea backed by confidence and that confidence is supported by the legal system. It, howeve...

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