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Jason Eric Neufeld

Jason Neufeld’s Legal Guides

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  • What is Full Coverage (Auto Insurance)?

    "Full Coverage" means you have the minimal amount of insurance required by Florida law to drive a vehicle. "Full Coverage" does not pay for your medical bills should they exceed $10,000. "Full Coverage" doesn't pay for your lost wages or your pain and suffering.When people come i...

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  • What is RSD - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

    RSD stands for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. It is also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. This can be a traumatically-induced nerve disorder that is known as the "burning disease." It typically affects the arms or legs and is marked by a severe burning sensation - or just ...

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  • New PIP Law Increases the Need For a Letter of Projection

    A letter of protection is a document signed by both the lawyer and the client/patient to a medical provider. The letter states that the patient does not have adequate funding at the current time to cover medical service, but they are represented by counsel and are involved in a ...

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  • CMS | Medicare Set Aside | Medicare and your Personal Injury Settlement/Recovery

    Why It is Your Responsibility to Protect Medicare We all know (or at least have heard) that Medicare costs are skyrocketing. As a countermeasure, the U.S. Congress enacted a collection of laws known as the "Medicare Secondary Payer" Act (commonly referred to as MSP). The basic pr...

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  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) | a beginner's primer

    Disclaimer thisguide is meant for general-informational purposes only. If you have suffered a head injury please rely on your doctor, whowill befamiliar with your unique circumstances, to educate you on your injury, recovery time, expected symptoms, etc Anytime the head is stru...

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  • “BI”, “PIP”, “UM”, “PD”??.... OMG!!! – Understanding Your Auto-Insurance Coverage

    No doubt about it – automobile insurance policies are confusing. Most consumers believe that their insurance policy will cover them in case of a car accident; and is made all the more distressing when, occasionally, I have to be the one to inform them that they are mistaken.

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