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Carmen R. Arce

Carmen Arce’s client reviews

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  • "Never give up"

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Radoslav

    I have came across manny Lawyers after my marriage went down hill. They all made me think that they knew what they were doing but usually i was very miserable with the services. When my case got very serious because of my previews representative made a huge mistake and i had been told that unfortunately there is nothing else what can be done and i'm gonna be deported after 8 years living in my new "home" in USA back to my country over in Europe where i can't imagine living ever again. All that i could think of was all the time here in United states building a great life and chasing so many possible, reachable goals is over, just like that. I died inside!
    Thanks to my very close friend i was able to meet Carmen R. Arce in the last possible moment. She told me that she could help but it's gonna take a lot of work, well that was more than i expected, from that moment i was all in and put all my faith in Carmen. In the beginning i was a little worried that it's gonna be another run around but with time she got all my trust because every time she told me something it came true. She always answered my question right away and with honesty, which was PRICELESS. All of us know how bad we want our money to be spent the right way and not just keep throwing it out of the window, right? Well with this attorney you will reach maximum satisfaction.

    She turned impossible in to possible. Today i'm already waiting for my residency after so manny NOs in my life and being told it can't be done!

  • Thanks

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Richard V

    Excelent expirience and so helpfull , Thanks for everything you and your Team are so amazing.
    I become a us resident because of you

    Thanks so much

  • Excelent, clear and honest lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Keila

    It´s very hard to find a lawyer who is honest, clear and direct, but, above all, very proffesional in Miami. Carmen knows her job very well and has been a key part for fullfilling our American dream.
    She´s worked for me, our family and friends I´ve recommended. And all cases had satisfactory outcomes. Overall, she´s an excellent lawyer.

  • Immigeation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by LASZLO

    Carmen was first taking over our case with my wife, from another lawyer, where we spent 4500 dollar !
    She was able to recover that fee for us, plus handle my wife case , so she got a green card! She is not just a nice person, but a very professional lawyer!!
    I would highly recommended her service!!

  • The BEST!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kam and Larry

    Carmen is simply the BEST! How do we know that? Because my husband and I checked out a few lawyers before we made a decision to go with Carmen, and we didn't even think twice and as soon as we left her office, we said to each other, yes she is the ONE! She is very professional not only in her field, but in the way she handles herself, and -- that was of course the first impression that she gave us. Later of course we saw her professionalism in her field, she was on top of the things and that's what we loved about her the most. Thanks a lot Carmen, Kam and Larry

  • As good as it gets

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Warren

    I was looking to immigrate to the U.S. a couple of years ago. Every "good" immigration lawyer was suggesting that I follow the EB-5 route which it turns out is often just a money grab for the lawyers. The fees for the program run into the high 5 figure range just for the lawyers. Additionally the $500,00 investment required by the program is invested in projects that are dubious to say the least and often results in the investor losing all of there money. The whole EB-5 program is as shady as it gets. I contacted 3 separate lawyers who did not ask any questions but strongly recommended the EB-5 route. Given the nature of the program I kept looking and saw that Carmen was involved with the Florida Bar Association. I called her and explained my situation and she immediately suggested a route that was much better in all aspects. The result was Carmen got me my green card quickly and without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. She was a fantastic attorney - always pleasant, always accessible and always looking out for my best interests. And more importantly, she knows what she is doing.

  • Visa Application Successful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Loren

    I consulted with many law firms regarding my visa application for immigration. The reason I chose Carmen Arce was her forthright and informative approach, combined with a personal understanding I found to be comforting and reassuring. As chair of the board for Immigration and Naturalization at the time we consulted, I knew I was dealing with someone who specialized in her field. All in all, my dealings with Carmen and her staff throughout what is undoubtedly a stressful process, have been outstanding in terms of professionalism and a personal interest. She is honest, straightforward, delivers on her undertakings and is available whenever I have needed her. I highly recommend Carmen and her firm for Immigration procedures, and have done so to many friends who have inquired. My visa application was expeditiously handled and is now approved.

  • The best lawyer I ever had!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gabriel 'GLADIATOR' Santos

    I was so blessed to had Carmen Arce as my lawyer. I met her through a friend of mine Rodrigo Artilheiro that convince me to work with her because the other attorney that we are work with made us feel that I don't have enough material to apply to Green Card and kept me apply for others work visa.
    I spoke with Carmen and she said: -" Of course you are eligible to apply for a Green Card and you have a strong case!"
    So that day I was sure that she was an angel that God put in our lives.
    She is very patient, professional and kindly. Her positive attitude and Immigrant law knowledge helped us to deal with the obstacles that happen in the way.
    We had our Green Card in 7 months after the day she sent the application. I never will forget the day she gave us the good news.

    Eu e minha familia fomos muito abencados por ter a Carmen Arce como nossa advogada.
    Nos conhecemos atraves do meu amigo Rodrigo Artilheiro no qual me incentivou a trabalhar com a Carmen ja que eu fui desacreditado pelo advogado anterior, no qual eu ja tinha feito outro work visa, que nao era qualificado para o Green Card.
    No dia em que falei com Carmen pela primeira vez e expliquei o caso ela logo me disse: -"Claro que voce e qualificado para o Green Card e seu caso e muito forte!"
    Ela realmente foi um anjo que Deus enviou na nossas vidas.
    Ela e muito paciente, profissional e amiga. Sua atitude e sempre positiva, alem da sua sabedoria sobre as leis de imigracao nos deixam seguros quando enfrentamos alguns obstaculos que acontecem no caso.
    Tivemos nosso Green Card em 7 meses apos o caso ser aberto! Eu nunca vou me esquecer do dia em que ela nos deu a boa noticia.

  • Carmen Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marcio

    Carmen is a great attorney and support me and some friends in immigration process with excellent results. She is very professional and certified. I recommend for everyone her services.