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Robert Allen’s Client Reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Mike

    Worst first impression

    This review applies to Robert C Allen, who's office is currently located on 376 West Chase St, Pensacola, FL 850-438-6800.

    I had a 10:00 appt with Attorney Allen and arrived at 9:45 to ensure I was punctual. No one was available at the office until 10:40 at which time his secretary arrived. She inquired if we were here for Attorney Allen and we replied, "yes, we had a 10:00 appointment" to which she casually responded as she walked away, "He's running late, he'll be here soon." When Attorney Allen arrived through the back door of the office, he had a lengthy 11 minutes conversation (yes, I timed it) with his secretary on the nuances of how to file paperwork. At no point did she mention we were waiting in the guest area, nor did he reach the end of the hallway to attend to us. He went to his office and started making phone calls and leaving messages. (The building has thin walls as we could hear this). At 11:00, I rang the bell in the guest room and he stepped out of his office and asked if he could help us. I stated we had a 10:00 appt and have been waiting for him for an hour. Instead of apologizing, he simply stated he was in court and was held up, but he was just calling my wife and me. Obviously oblivious to our being there or having an appointment and expressing no concern for our lost time from work to be there, he stated he didn't want to start business on a bad start and suggested we looked elsewhere for an attorney. I can offer no review on his legal capacity... he may be a great lawyer, but if this total disregard for his clients is indicative of the way he runs his profession, I advise you to look elsewhere if you have options.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Mark Jones

    Child Support

    Robert Allen represented me and I paid a huge price for it. He is only money hungry and will only do the minmum for you. Any leads he will not expond on them. Yes, he must follow the law but when the law becomes unjust, he is still in favor of the unjustice law. I highly recommend you advoid this attorney at all cost.