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Bram Louis Scharf

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  • Can Your Child Decide which Parent to Live With?

    MYTH: At age 12 and older, children can determine which parent they wish to live with, during a contested Florida custody case. TRUTH: Only at age 18 can an individual choose where or with whom he or she lives. Weighing the Childs Wishes While the Florida courts do consider the c...

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  • Can a Carrier Void a Florida Workers’ Compensation Policy as Applied to an Injured Worker?

    A new decision from the First District Court of Appeals addresses what happens when an employer fraudulently obtains a policy and the remedies a carrier can pursue. In Bend v. Shamrock Services and Zenith, 2011 WL 680282 (Fla. 1st DCA 2011), the Claimant was involved in a high-s...

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  • Texting nude photographs in Florida (Sexting), Proposed Legislation

    The act of electronically sending sexually explicit messages or photos of oneself is generally referred to as sexting. There are no statutes that specifically address sexting. Under current law, a person who sexts another could be charged with one of the various statutes that pro...

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  • Relocation of a Child in Florida

    Several questions have been asked about whether a parent can relocate a child without the permission of the parent or court order. Unless the terms of the Custody Order allow relocation, a parent cannot relocate a child without following the provisions in Florida Statute Section ...

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  • Landlord / Tenant: When can a Landlord enter a leased residential property?

    Once a tenant agrees to rent a dwelling, the right to possession fo the tenant is much the same as the owner. However, like many general rules or laws, there are exceptions. Pursuant to Florida Law, the landlord may enter the dwelling unit at any time for the protection or pres...

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  • Child Support in Florida: The Reduction of Child Support with Substantial Time-Sharing

    Substatial Time-Sharing As of January 1, 2011, Florida law requires a departure from standard child support in all instances where the parent with fewer overnights has the child overnight 20 percent or more of the time. Under the old law, such an adjustment was a possibility...

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