Goldstein and Verbitsky vs Budell

R. Keegan Federal Jr.

Case Conclusion Date:July 30, 2008

Practice Area:Appeals

Outcome:Won new trial on appeal.

Description:This case involves a BUSINESS DISPUTE between two doctors who decided to open a MEDICAL PRACTICE together, and did so, but then quickly found themselves embroiled in internal disputes regarding the management of the practice. The disputes escalated into litigation in which the Plaintiff claimed that the Defendants had BREACHED FIDUCIARY DUTIES owed to the Plaintiff and had CONVERTED PROPERTY belonging to the Plaintiff. The Defendants were represented by other lawyers at trial, and lost. An adverse Verdict and Judgment were entered against them for damages, including punitive damages and attorneys fees. The Defendants then retained our firm to APPEAL. After filing briefs with the Georgia Court of Appeals, and presenting oral argument to the Court, we obtained a partial reversal of the adverse verdict and judgment and the appellate court remanded the case to the trial judge for a new trial on the issues of conversion, punitive damages, and the award of attorney's fees. We then settled the case for the Clients without the payment of punitive damages or attorney's fees.