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Posted by: a Divorce client over 5 years ago.

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I hired Nancy more than 3 years ago.

Nancy handled my Divorce / Separation matter.

I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

I was a client of Ms. Lawler several years ago, I selected her after interviewing ten other lawyers for my case. Prior to retaining her services she was very direct that she was my lawyer, not my psychiatrist. Instead of having a long drawn out divorce, it was in my best interest to offer settlements to my ex-wife versus paying both attorneys the money we had. My wife had filed for divorce and had other relationships during the marriage. Ms. Lawler also advised me that a marriage is made of three elements; Love, Stuff and Money. Even though I was hurt by my ex-wife all that was left in the marriage was Stuff and Money, and I should consider protecting as much of my resources as possible but make a resonable offer to my 'ex' and move on. She was professional and even though we offered monthly settlements to my ex-wife, each offer was less than the previous offer, my ex-wife took one year before accepting the final offer before trail.