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Hassan Hussein Elkhalil

Hassan Elkhalil’s Legal Guides

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  • The Relief of Cancellation of Removal

    This form of relief is available to both legal and non-legal residents with some variation in the requirements. This relief is applied for in immigration court before an immigration judge. Immigration judge has a wide discretion in approving this form of relief.

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  • Immigration Consequences to Criminal Conviction

    Many immigrants fail to understand the severity of immigration consequences on their criminal conviction. Sometimes a small infraction, violation, may have unexpected severe immigration consequences. Dealing with criminal issues early on is the best approach to minimize immigration consequences.

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  • How to Remove Your Conditional Residency Based on Good Faith Marriage

    Failure to timely file the petition to remove your conditional residency before the second anniversary, from the date your conditional legal residency was approved, automatically revokes your legal status in the U.S; said revocation is automatic even if you are still married to a US citizen.

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  • How to Get Your Questions Answered by an Immigration Lawyer

    Organize your thoughts Give the necessary and relevant information to the lawyer so the lawyer can have sufficient understanding of your situation. If writing is a problem for you, ask someone to wr

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  • How to Apply for Citizenship If You Are a Permanent Resident

    Form (Prepare and File) You would need to fill out form N-400. You can find the form at the following website: This form may be filed online The filing fee

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