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  1. By signing a contract with the Police to work off my charges, and completing it, does that protect me from future prosecution?

    Answered 11 months ago.

    1. Charles R Smith
    2. Thomas James Thomas
    3. Benjamin S Kuipers
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    Any negotiated "deal" must be made with all bases being covered. It looks like you did not have legal counsel's advice about this, and that is likely where the problem lies. These types of deals are like contracts, but unless it has been accepted and approved at all levels, including the judge signing off, it may not accomplish what you had hoped.

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  2. I got a felony Arraignment notice tonight for hearing tomorrow morning! I live in NY now and can't possibly get there in time!:(

    Answered 11 months ago.

    1. Dominic L. Pang
    2. Michael P. Gerace
    3. Thomas James Thomas
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    You should call the Clerk of Court and the Prosecutor's office for YOUR court to get an email address to send a message about the problem with receiving the mail late. Advise them that you have insufficient time to get to court, in the written e-mail. They may tell you to handle this by fax, and not email. Also, locate an attorney in NYC that can announce for you and seek a short term reset of the arraignment date.

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