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  1. Do I need a Lawyer?

    Answered 7 months ago.

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    Your chances of getting a settlement without a lawyer based on the facts you have presented are good - your chances of getting a "fair" settlement without a lawyer are slim and none. Insurance companies are easy to pay, but hard to get them to pay. If people could do as well without lawyers in these types of cases there wouldn't be lawyers handling these cases. Your best shot at a fair settlement is with an experienced injury lawyer who knows how to find the courthouse if necessary. There...

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  2. Are there any other whistleblowers /Employment lawyers besides Qui Tam lawyers in Georgia?

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. Drew Norman Early
    2. Melvin L. Hewitt Jr.
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    I'm not sure what you are looking for. A 'whistleblower' and 'Qui Tam' lawyer are pretty much the same thing. That said, you MAY need to get a military lawyer - which I am not. You may want to re-state your question or even break it up into a few different questions. The fact that you are 'getting harassed' and 'removed from your position' may be an employment case; the 'child abuse' is more akin to cases we handle and for that you want a lawyer experienced in child molestation and abuse...

  3. Wrongful arrest/false arrest/ excessive force and police brutality and false inprisonment. I need an attorney please advise.

    Answered 7 months ago.

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    It sounds like you have a fairly good shot at a malicious prosecution claim against the accuser. The cops could also file criminal charges against your accuser after finding the phone your accuser said you stole in the accuser's possession (filing a false report is a crime - not something you can pursue, but they can if they feel like it). A civil rights (1983) claim against the police is tough - if the cop had a history of excessive force then maybe - but those are difficult.

  4. Does the statement of another doctor strengthen my case?

    Answered 7 months ago.

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    Sounds like you may have a malpractice claim, but getting a lawyer to represent you is sometimes harder than you may think. First, not only do you need the opinion of a doctor with similar credentials, it is a must in many states (and absolutely required in Georgia). You need a doctor (with similar credentials) to provide an affidavit that the doctor you wish to sue breached the standard of care (in other words, not just made a minor error - but made an error that shouldn't have been made)....

  5. I would like to know if I have a case for Defamation/Slander? Please see below and advise as to my options, if any. Thank you

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. William Daniel Davis
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    The simple answer to your question is 'yes'. Generally, a claim sounding in defamation (oral being sland and written being libel) must arise from a false statement and been made to someone other than the person defamed. It is also defamatory per se (as a matter of law) to accuse someone of a crime (which seems to b.e the case here). While 'damages per se' are sometimes automatic, it is a question of 'how much' and generally you have the burden of proving what your damages were. So you may...