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  • I back into a car at a gas station in it put a scratch on a person car she call the police but we didn't get a ticke

    Asked by a user in Atlanta, GA - over 1 year ago.

    In addition to the insurance issue, you may be issued ticket for leaving the scene of an accident. Assuming the tickets is written properly, it wont cause license issues. However, any cops mess up...

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  • Dui and laving the scene of an accident

    Asked by a user in Roswell, GA - over 6 years ago.

    First, it depends on the jurisidiction where the new charge is pending. Some jurisidictions in Ga. will try to put you into a DUI court program involving extensive treatment. In most places, you...

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  • Valid reasons to file a writ of habeas corpus

    Asked by a user in Atlanta, GA - over 5 years ago.

    In recent cases, the appellate courts have granted habeas actions for misleading information in plea negotiations. However, if the public defender told you the probation period was 2 years, you were...

  • Probation Violation Expunge?

    Asked by a user in Woodstock, GA - almost 5 years ago.

    It depends on why the battery was dismissed. If it was dismissed without being accused, the answer is maybe. Ga. law is really tough to get a case expunged.

  • What will the consequences be for a second time offense of having marijuana in my truck?

    Asked by a user in Tucson, AZ - over 5 years ago.

    In some states possession of marijuan can cause a license suspension, even if the person is not driving. However, this is a case where the "equal access" doctrine may apply. If a person has access...

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  • How can I fight a parking ticket?

    Asked by a user in Clinton, MD - over 5 years ago.

    Sometimes justice is expensive. A parking ticket does not carry points in most jurisdictions and does not tax your insurance. However, if you want to get out of it, you have no shot other than to...

  • How can I win a case where I'm shown as guilty with little evidence. But the Truth is that I am Innocent.??

    Asked by a user in Alexandria, VA - over 5 years ago.

    It is the state's job to prove you guilty. Is there any video evidence of him walking out of the store with the merchandise? Will he take responsibility and tell the authorities that you had...

  • Can I charge my sister with thief?

    Asked by a user in Philadelphia, PA - over 5 years ago.

    Anyone can go to a Magistrate to ask for a warrant to be taken out. However, in this fact scenario, most judges would view this as a civil dispute. Did your mom have a will? Did your sister in...

  • How do I get a court date on a case I've taken probation for??

    Asked by a user in Hollywood, FL - over 1 year ago.

    You can submit a written motion explaining your situation and why the cost should be reduced. Unfortunately, judges are hesitant to grant such motions becsue the court system wants every dollar they...

  • Consequences to a 21 year old, who isnt related to, gives 18 year old alcohol?

    Asked by a user in Enid, OK - over 5 years ago.

    If you are asking the question and the answer of giving booze to minors sounds a little fishy, then you probably already know the answer. It is against the law to do this, in some states you can...