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I back into a car at a gas station in it put a scratch on a person car she call the police but we didn't get a ticke

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The gas station is private property so we didn't get a ticket my insurance is now expire a few days after the minor hit but the girl got my number and now asking for my insurance information over a 1inch scratch she say she got an estimate from her insurance company but wouldn't tell me for how much i know the scratch i did dont cost anything now she's saying she need a new bumper i dont know what to do. I think she's trying to get a free check from me.

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If you damaged her bumper she is entitled to a new one at your expense. You should notify your insurance company. Alternatively, if the other driver was not in her car at the time and you didn't hit her body with your car, she has no personal injury claim. In that case you may want to consider paying for a new bumper out of your pocket instead of notifying your company. It may cost you less in the long run since your premiums will almost certainly go up if you notify your company.


Just report this to your company. If this person is overreaching your company knows what to do. Insurance companies don't overpay; they underpay

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Your insurer will handle it


You had insurance at the time of the accident, so let them resolve this.

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This is why you have insurance - let them handle the matter.


In addition to the insurance issue, you may be issued ticket for leaving the scene of an accident. Assuming the tickets is written properly, it wont cause license issues. However, any cops mess up on the ticket and it could cause license issues.


I agree with my colleagues above. You need to report this accident, while it is minor, to your insurance carrier. From your description, it sounds like she has already reported the accident to her's. If she proceeds through her own coverage, her insurance carrier will pursue you personally to recover the amount of the damage, which can cause your driver's license to be suspended. If you do not report this accident to your carrier, your carrier may deny the claim based on your failure to notify them. It is better for you to go ahead and call your carrier to avoid this hassle and let them take care of it.

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