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  1. Am being treated for concussion from car accident.Will ins company try to destroy my character in court, since inj is invisible?

    Answered 11 months ago.

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    I recently resolved a case on behalf of a client with postconcussive syndrome following a car wreck, and you're right to suspect that the insurer will try to suggest that your injury is exaggerated. However, if multiple reputable doctors can (and WILL) back you up, and if you have friends and family that will confirm your symptoms, you should be able to weather that storm. In my opinion, the testimony from friends and family can be more persuasive to a jury than anything doctors or other "...

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  2. Rear -ended in a car accident; hit at 50 MPH on the interstate as I was parked in a construction line.

    Answered 11 months ago.

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    When someone else's negligent act impairs your ability to work and causes consistent pain--as has happened to you--there's nothing wrong with seeking a monetary recovery that will compensate you for what you've lost. You're not trying to get something for nothing; instead, you're being set back in the position that you would have occupied if the other person had never hit you. In other words, it isn't just "litigious" people who file lawsuits--it's innocent people who have been hurt through...

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  3. I was in a accident where the person ran a stop sign hitting me in the side and causein my truck to flip 2 times.

    Answered 9 months ago.

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    A fair settlement offer is one that compensates you for your injuries and pain. Whether you get that amount depends largely on what lawyer you hire. If you hire no lawyer, you're almost certain not to get a fair offer. Insurance companies settle only when it's in their best interest to do so. You need a lawyer who can make the insurance company want to settle. That means a lawyer who can take your case all the way to trial and win once you get there. If you want fair compensation, what...

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  4. There has been a recall on my 2012 chevy cruze brake assist and I was involved in an accident

    Answered 11 months ago.

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    If you have already paid the citation and admitted guilt, then unfortunately, there may be little that you can do about the points on your licence and payment of court costs. If the automobile was at fault, and the automobile caused damage to you or someone else, then you may have a product liability claim against the automaker. My firm handles many automotive product liability cases, and one crucially important fact that most people don't know is this: YOU NEED THE CAR AS EVIDENCE. So, IF...

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  5. Can I file a personnel injury claim after an auto accident while driving a company vehicle

    Answered 11 months ago.

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    The answer is "yes." Any injury to your body caused damage to YOU, so you are entitled to pursue that claim. Any damage to the car caused damage to your company's property, so the property damage claim likely belongs to the company. But the two claims are distinct: you can bring the former, and your company can bring the latter. If you were hurt in the wreck, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. Next, if you want to seek a recovery, contact a qualified personal injury...

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    Answered 8 months ago.

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    What happened sounds like sudden unintended acceleration, or "SUA." It is unfortunately becoming a more common problem in today's computer-controlled cars. If someone was hurt, you may have a product liability suit against Honda. If that is the case, it's imperative that you consult with a lawyer with experience in auto products cases--there are only a few such lawyers in the state.

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  7. My mom required 24/7 Oxygen. The tubing came out and the home care aid did not know get her on a portable tank and my mom died.

    Answered 8 months ago.

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    There is a strong possibility that the agency is liable. You could conceivably bring two claims: (1) a wrongful death claim, and (2) a claim on behalf of your mother's estate. Analyzing and filing the claims is complicated, however, so you should seek the advice of a lawyer with experience in the area.

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  8. Can I apply the "Make Whole Doctrine" to a health insurance company for reimbursement of their lien?

    Answered 11 months ago.

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    This is question without a simple answer. It depends on lots of factors--including whether state or federal law applies, and what language your Plan includes. Many private health insurance plans are covered by a federal statute called ERISA, and if the plan language provides for it, ERISA-governed plans are often not subject to the made-whole doctrine. However, if the Plan does not expressly disclaim the made-whole doctrine, then it may apply as a matter of federal common law. Moreover, if...

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  9. If I know who is impersonating me and sending out inappropriate pictures of me, what can I do about it?

    Answered 11 months ago.

    1. James Edward Butler III
    2. John Arnold Steakley
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    First, contact the police. Your first priority should be to stop this misconduct. The police may help, or the fact that you called the police may make the wrongdoer stop. Second, if the police cannot help and the wrongdoer will not stop, you may be able to get help from a private lawyer. An injunction against the wrongdoer may be available in Superior Court. That would give you a Court order directing the perpetrator to stop. Third, if your believe that damage has been done to your...

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  10. Please recommend a criminal lawyer in the newnan,ga area

    Answered about 1 year ago.

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    I heartily recommend Steve Frey. When I was a prosecutor, I tried cases against him and he was very good. Email him at stevenfrey44@gmail.com or call his office at 770 471 0599.

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