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  1. Caught shopliftin. It was my first offense.. The officer came to the store and said he would give me a citation and told me come

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    it was good that the officer gave you a citation instead of arresting you. paying the fine would be a conviction on your charge, which may be a city ordinance or a state misdemeanor. an attorney may be able to help you resolve this through a pretrial diversion program or another form of dismissal which would be better for you in the long run on job applications, licensing matters, applications for schools and elsewhere. you will also get a demand for a civil payment from the merchant for about...

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  2. My Nephew is an aspiring Rapper and was traveling. When changing planes, the DEA took his money with no warrant...

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    the other answers are correct that a claim has to be filed. there are time limits on when this must be done, so he should consult counsel sooner rather than later. I have recently seen an instance where the seizing agents got someone to sign a form abandoning any interest in the seized cash which they signed so as not to miss a flight. however, if a proper claim is made and your nephew can show the source of the money, it can be recovered. he needs counsel familiar with forfeiture laws.