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LeAnne Passmore Cooper

LeAnne Cooper’s client reviews

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  • Adoption was perfect!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kelley

    Hired attorney

    LeAnne handled our adoption with ease and we were very pleased. Her office staff was always helpful and willing to work with us. LeAnne was professional and personal at the same time. She helped us feel comfortable throughout each step of the process.

  • Great Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    Hired attorney

    LeAnne handled a difficult adoption for my wife and I. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and our ability to communicate with her and her staff. Yes she is very busy, but that only because she is highly sought after.

  • Be Careful

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    LeAnne seems to have a great reputation in the area. However, my experience with her was horrible. Her family runs the office so they are very protective of her and cover for her. Personally my experience was horrible, nothing got done, she had me in court without appropriated documents being filed like Financial affidavits even though I was in her office twice with my own budgets I prepared. All In all to be fair to her I think she was overwhelmed with cases and took on more than she could handle. As a client I expect an attorney to decline my business rather than take on my case and take my money and screw up my case. Be Careful before you hire her. I had to start all over with another attorney. $$$

    LeAnne Passmore Cooper’s response: “"Mike" is currently on this third attorney, I was the second. During the time I represented him, I filed two different financial affidavits on his behalf and both are on file at the Courthouse. I welcome the posting of accurate reviews.”
  • Fly The Coop

    1.0 star

    Posted by Mark

    Well to my friends in Henry County. If you or someone you know need an attorney stay away from Le Anne Cooper. I do give her some credit for being smart and knowing the law, BUT her down fall is she terrible in communicating with her clients. She falls way short in keeping up with issues that are of importance to you. She never follows up with your questions and concerns. And never sends those concerns to the opposing attorney and worse forgets issues and concerns in court. And I thought when you go to court and are in front of the judge you would be on the top of your game, but Ms Cooper failed that miserably. You could call the office, email work or use personal address for a month and never hear a word. BUT some how you could get a $2 invoice for postage. And you can forget contacting the office staff. They never know a thing and must be worse at passing along a message. The I don't know was the common phrase and surely something they knew well.
    I also believe her worse enemy is greed. After finding out her firm had 350 to 400 clients and growing weekly. A single attorney, with one NEW Paralegal, and one person answering the phone. The work load is way to much and reflects with the lack of service and even worse prep for court day. And to boot after the final hearing. The lack of professionalism is embarrassing. My case was settled, and I mean everything. 4 months later she had not began to type the final decree draft....4 months. Another thing to show her case load is too high and the quality of work is even worse is that in that 4 month period I heard from her firm one time. And that was to ask if I had some information that she lost and I was smart enough to make copies. I sent her the copy and never heard a word or saw any work.
    So she is no longer my attorney and I had to hire a new attorney to finish. Paying another attorney is ridiculous, but that's what I have to do to be protected.
    There needs to be a program in place that protects people from attorneys when they perform poorly and do a poor job protecting your rights in court. There are ways, but cost so much to pursue and they know that. But I would be willing to try.
    So I recommend you stay from LeAnne Cooper, off Jonesboro Rd, in McDonough.
    She's a I have a nickname for her....
    "Fly The Coop"
    Ms Cooper normal response will be call me to talk about a problem you are having.
    I tried that. .I called 5 times and emailed several times too. I never got a response. She didn't make an effort of any kind.
    I got a phone call from her Secretary, her sister, telling mei had an email to read. I tried to check email in the Clio program she uses, but did not see.i then called back and then called back the next morning telling her secretary I did not see the message. I tried to explain that to her and theni was rudely hung up on by the secretary. I was within a mile of the office so I stopped by the office. I approached the secretary and politely showed her my phone and that the messages are not available. She took the phone and told me to look it is right here. She tried to open and to her surprise it wasn't there. She tried several times more before she realized the program had been changed because of Internet Security. I told her I idid not know of these changes and no one from the firm sent out a notice that the secure Internet program had changed when you were looking at documents. You could only see date, name of doc, who from, but not doc itself. That should have warranty an apologize, but onlya rude see here it is.
    So you will always geta positive word about Ms Copper when contacting the office because 2 of the 3 employees are family. Like I said secretary is sister and accounting/billing is mother. Ms Cooper never tells you this. So that is why there is so much cover up for the poor work performance.
    So always check your invoices.

    LeAnne Passmore Cooper’s response: “Customarily, work only stops for one reason on any client's case - lack of payment. A prior post by a "friend" of this client was removed by the host of this site.”
  • Step-Child Adoption & Wills

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Laura

    LeAnne handled both issues (listed in the title) with professionalism. She is also very personable as well as approachable. I NEVER had her not return a phone call. She may not have been available at the time of the call, but she always called back. Amanda and Shannon are great too (her staff). Sometimes they could answer my questions. I would recommend her for anyone looking for a caring and competent lawyer.

  • Step Children Adoption

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chelsea

    I have worked with a few different attorneys for my divorce, and my husband's custody case in CA in the recent past. I quickly learned from my experience with our attorney in CA how an attorney can attain financial success. My husband's custody case in CA took 18 months total, and once complete cost us $60k in attorney's fees. Our attorney sent us itemized bills each month, listing 10-minute 'thoughts' on the joke. Every time our attorney thought about our case, or had a 5 minute conversation with her paralegal about our case, we were charged. After that experience I assumed that was common practice. That was absolutely NOT the case with LeAnne. She was amazing from the beginning. I met with LeAnne several times, and she answered all my questions, alleviated my concerns, provided me with knowledge about the system that gave me confidence in my course of action...all without rushing me, or charging me for every little question, phone call, etc. My adoption took one year from the time we paid LeAnne. During that time LeAnne and her staff were very responsive, communicative and helpful in moving my case along, even though the system seemed to desparately wanted to slow my case down. LeAnne brought passion, concern, and care to my case, as well as expertise and confidence, providing reassurance to me in my fight, even while the adoption was being contested. This attitude and client relationsip was completely different than my previous experiences. LeAnne absolutely will fight for her clients (extremely important in our case...our attorney in CA portrayed herself as a fighter until it came down to actually fighting...she was more concerned with her reputation in that particular county and did not want to put herself out there in the way we needed her to. We were our own supporters and fighters in our case in CA, and our attorney there was a reluctant participant). I absolutely recommend LeAnne, to the point I wish she was available to help friends with issues in other states. I will use LeAnne for any future legal needs or issues that may occur.

  • Over $ 25,000 billed and collected and no resolution two yrs later

    1.0 star

    Posted by Bendover

    Recommended by an attorney who could not represent me due to conflict.The divorce was not final 2 1/2 years and $25k later and did not return calls for weeks at a time and was informed that I was not her only client.(never split my monthly statement with any of those other clients)Great sales pitch but after sales service is deplorable.The only efficiency I experienced was the timely billing.Discontinued her services and engaged a very stand up attorney who had the settlement agreement on his desk in three days.I was also surprised to hear that the opposing attorney was not getting his calls returned by Ms Cooper while she kept my meter running.She is very knowledgable but never puts this knowledge to use because you cannot find your attorney after you sign the contract and the check has been cashed.

    LeAnne Passmore Cooper’s response: “I am fairly certain that I have never charged or been paid $25k in attorney's fees. I must assume this comment has not been posted by an actual client. I understand that not everyone is always going to be satisfied with my services but the reviews posted here should reflect comments from actual clients and should contain truthful/factual information. I invite this person to contact me directly to express their dissatisfaction with my services.”
  • The best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stacey

    She handled my VERY difficult, contested divorce. She did an amazing job and became a very dear friend in the process. I wouldn't let anyone else handle my legal work!

  • Wonderful help in more than one situation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Holly

    Our family has used LeAnne 3 times now. Everytime has always been a great success and blessing. She is great at what she does and keeps you in the loop all the way through. One of the first lawyers I have ever known to conact me herself more than once. I cannot say enough about the great things she has helped me and my family through!!

  • Contempt divorce matter

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Debra

    Leanne Cooper was referred to me by two past clients that were totally satisfied with their legal experience. I consulted with her in May 2006, I knew immediately she was the right choice. The time she spent on researching my case and keeping me involved in the status was above my expectations. Since then I have referred her to several potential clients and they are totally satisfied with her legal experience and tenacity. I will mention the fact that everything she told me about my case is exactly how it was resolved.