Alex Manning is an amazing lawyer. She is trustworthy, well respected in the community, honest and she actually cares about her clients! She was fair with her billing and more than willing to work with me when I needed it. She actually returned my phone calls no matter what time of day it was. She treated me like a person and not a number! She knew every detail of my case inside and out and when we got to Court, I was shocked at her ability to fight! She was FANTASTIC! She is the definition behind the term "bulldog" lawyer. Alex was very upfront with me on what was important to fight for and what I should let go! She is very professional and one heck of a lawyer. I have custody of my children today solely because of Alex Manning! You will not go wrong if you use this Attorney and once you use her you will absolutely NEVER use another Attorney! I would recommend Alex Manning and her staff to anyone and everyone.