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Susan Brown’s Client Reviews

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    Posted by Jim

    Don't Bother

    I hired Susan to represent me within a collaborative process. The other collaborative attorney was Sandra Preliss. Both spent about 2 hours the first meeting extolling the virtues of the collaborative divorce process and reading to us the materials that they'd sent us previously. We attended 3 meetings in total and paid around $5000.00 to the two attorneys. Collaboration broke down completely and over the entire process, I received 4 pages of very sparse handwritten notes.

    What they don't tell you up front is that collaboration is inappropriate for the vast majority of couples. What they don't know to tell you is that neither of these attorneys is a particularly good facilitator.

    If you and your spouse aren't completely prepared for an amicable, agreeable split, don't bother with Susan. If you are, why do you think you need a lawyer?