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  1. I am looking for how to refinance mortgage after 2008 Chapter 7, with NO REAFFIRMATION

    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    If you are trying to do an FHA streamline of the existing loan, that cannot be done without reaffirmation. But if you simply want to refinance the debt (which is technically a new loan), reaffirmation isn't a requirement. Most lenders will not report your payments post-discharge if you don't reaffirm so it is common to have this difficulty however. The only way to reaffirm the debt now, would be to reopen the case, file to vacate the discharge, file a reaffirmation, get re-discharged and...

  2. New York attorney in need of assistance with Pro Hac Vice Motion in North Carolina District Court, Eastern District.

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    I appear as local counsel and replacement counsel in creditor matters in bankruptcy court on many occasions. If this is a bankruptcy matter in the EDNC, I would be happy to help. My fees are very reasonable.