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Suzanne R. Begnoche

Suzanne Begnoche’s Legal Guides

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  • Is the person who wrote me a real attorney?

    If you live in North Carolina and you have unpaid debts, at some point in time you will likely get a letter from a debt collection attorney or law firm hired by your creditor. Many North Carolina debt collection attorneys belong to larger collection firms that operate across t...

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  • Do debt collectors have to be licensed to collect in North Carolina?

    Before going into the business of collecting debts for creditors from North Carolina consumers, a collection agency must first obtain a state collection agency permit. A collection agency must also include its permit number in each written communication with each consumer de...

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  • How Will I Know When I've Been Sued?

    Potential clients often arrive at my office after creditors have sued them and gotten judgments. They often tell me that they never really understood that they had been sued to begin with. So what is the difference between lawsuit paperwork and a normal collection letter? In N...

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  • What Property is Exempt from Seizure after a Judgment in North Carolina?

    The party who wins a lawsuit can collect (or execute) on the judgment awarded. "Execution" means that the winning party can ask a county sheriff to seize the losing partys property or levy on the losing partys bank account. North Carolina law, however, allows each losing party...

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  • Defenses to Credit Card Lawsuits

    Credit card default rates are rising. That means lawsuits over bad credit card debt will probably rise soon, too. Sitting in court, I often see people trying to defend themselves against these lawsuits. They usually tell the judge that they do not have any money to pay on th...

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  • How to Stop Debt Collectors' Calls

    Repeated, unwanted calls from debt collectors can be annoying, even harassing. Many consumers have told me that they considered filing for bankruptcy just to stop the calls! That is a drastic step that may not be necessary in every case. Thats because the federal Fair Debt C...

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